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We are well known for staying on top of the latest trends and news for our industry. Whether you’re an Acorn client or not, we want to help keep you informed, which is why we launched Need to Know News. This timely newsletter is designed to provide the general public with industry updates and important changes that could affect your ongoing marketing strategy.

You will find current and archived newsletters below. Please keep in mind that archived news may contain information that is no longer relevant. If you have questions about a particular topic or article, please contact us.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.”

2022 View all News
  • 01/20/2022 [Click Here] - ALP 2022 Video Announcement: Acorn Marketing Sponsored Product Spotlight
  • 01/17/2022 [Click Here] - ALP 2022 Video Announcement: Where is Google Going?
  • 01/13/2022 [Click Here] - ALP 2022 Video Announcement: The Tech You Never Knew You Needed for Aspiring & New Owners
  • 01/11/2022 [Click Here] - ALP 2022 Video Announcement: Google Marketing, Website, Baby Steps for Aspiring & New Owners
  • 2021 View all News
  • 12/28/2021 [Click Here] - 2nd Annual New Owners & Aspiring Boot Camp
  • 04/07/2021 [Click Here] - Google Strikes Again! Enforcement of Page Experience guidelines is on the horizon – How does your website score? R U ready?
  • 2020 View all News
  • 12-23-2020 [Click Here] - Give Yourself the Gift of Education in 2021!
  • 11-02-2020 [Click Here] - Calling All "New" Innkeepers (18-24 months or less)
  • 05-18-2020 [Click Here] - Innkeeper Education in a COVID-19 World
  • 04-18-2020 [Click Here] - The Road to Re-Opening
  • 04-11-2020 [Click Here] - COVID-19 Financial Support Update - Your Signature is Needed ASAP!
  • 03-26-2020 [Click Here] - Acorn Gives Back to Our Industry
  • 03-19-2020 [Click Here] - COVID-19: Small Business Emergency Economic Relief Plan
  • 2019 View all News
  • 11-15-2019 [Click Here] - URGENT! Innkeepers MUST ACT NOW! Congressional Hearing Next Steps
  • 11-03-2019 [Click Here] - Congressional House Committee Hearing , BookDirect.Education Webinar, Learn How to Determine Your ROAS
  • 10-25-2019 [Click Here] - Congressional House Committee Hearing – Investigating Big Tech’s Impact on Small Business
  • 09-18-2019 [Click Here] - Free Association Leaders / Volunteers Google My Business Webinar
  • 09-11-2019 [Click Here] - Association Volunteer Kickoff
  • 08-07-2019 [Click Here] - Expedia Class Action Update
  • 07-23-2019 [Click Here] - Google Hotel Finder - Current Update
  • 07-09-2019 [Click Here] - ADA Lawsuits Continue to Increase at an Alarming Rate
  • 05-01-2019 [Click Here] - Success vs. Failure? What path is YOUR business on?
  • 02-08-2019 [Click Here] - On February 28, 2019 the Webervations and RezOvation platforms will close PERMANENTLY
  • 01-31-2019 [Click Here] - February 6, 2019 – the 2nd Annual #BookDirect Guest Education Day
  • 2018 View all News
  • 11-27-2018 [Click Here] - November Need to Know News
  • 10-29-2018 [Click Here] - Win a Free Site, ADA Lawsuits and Understanding Google Partner Programs
  • 09-20-2018 [Click Here] - Select Registry announces a New Website Version soon to be released
  • 06-15-2018 [Click Here] - A Class Action Lawsuit - Expedia
  • 05-21-2018 [Click Here] - Portable Websites - Free Webinar- Mobile Sites Penalty - Featured Property Decomissioned
  • 05-15-2018 [Click Here] - GDPR Deadline - Booking Engine Destroying Profitability? - Pay-to-Play
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