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Rescue and Recovery Services

Repairing Your Online Presence for Better Placement

Our Rescue and Recovery Services are used to identify and resolve issues you may be having with your online presence that are precluding your marketing tasks from working properly. These services are intended to improve your visibility and placement in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), and typically require a one-time fee.

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Website Branding Review

Site-wide Consistent Messaging

We will review your website’s pages, navigation, and CTAs to ensure that your website is consistent, fluent, and reflects your property’s image and branding.

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Search Engine Placement Problem Identification Report

We developed the SEPPIR to identify digital baggage from your website’s “online past” that is causing issues with placement today.

The SEPPIR is generated by hand by experts on our team who understand how all these issues work together to impact a property’s web placement. It takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete a SEPPIR with another hour to go over the report via a video conference session with you.

Since its inception, the SEPPIR continues to change and grow as Google continues to change its guidelines. We will continue to make modifications to the report and add sections of information for review based on what Google is currently considering important for placement.

During the video conference session, we will establish a to-do list of items based on the results of the SEPPIR. You can then decide whether you would like to do the work  or would like to request a bid for us to do the work for you.

*We will only prepare a SEPPIR for customers who are part of our Advantage Plan program or who are building a new site with us.

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Web Presence Health Evaluation

Controlling Your Online Authority

The Web Presence Health Evaluation is designed for current Acorn customers who are not taking advantage of our in-depth Market Watch Monthly Reporting. This evaluation is a one-time report (may be repeated at your request) that will give you a snapshot of your property’s web presence.

This report includes a call with our Professional Client Services Team to go over the results, and will include:

  • Your Organic and Local Google Placement
  • Year-to-Date Revenue
  • Assisted Conversions
  • Action Items
  • A 30-minute Consultation Call
  • Campaigns
  • Page Counts (YTD)
  • LBLs (Local Business Listings)
  • GMB (Google My Business) Reporting
  • Social Interaction (YTD)
  • Report Card

The following sections may be added for additional cost:

  • Visual Site Review (any immediate issues with photos, links, navigation, etc.)
  • Relevant, Updated Content (home page, packages, events, etc.)
  • Blog Writing Review (SEO best practices)
  • Blog Comments Review (to determine if comments are being managed correctly)
  • Webmaster Tools Review (crawl errors, messages, etc.)
  • Broken Link Checker (for the blog and website)
  • On-Page SEO Format (to determine if its outdated or current)
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Local Listings Claim and Complete

Google My Business and BING

We will claim or add your business listing to Google via Google Business Profile (GBP) and Bing, update the information, add appropriate photos, and create a well-crafted description. We will require your logins for each search engine.

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Blog Health Evaluation

Content, Category, Tag Review, Repair

The Blog Health Evaluation includes an analysis of your property’s blog covering the previous year’s post visitor traffic as documented by Google Analytics.

This evaluation:

  • documents the highest performing posts.
  • recommends posts that should be kept.
  • recommends posts that should be updated and republished.
  • creates a list of posts to be deleted and re-directed.

After the analysis has been completed, we will do the necessary work to delete and redirect under-performing posts.

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NAP + W Investigation Report

Name, Address, Phone + Website

Keeping your NAP+W (Name, Address, Phone and Website URL) consistent through all Internet listings is imperative. We will run a report to show you the different iterations of your NAP+W so you can correct the listings.

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Duplicate Content Investigation Report

Protecting Your Content

Duplicate content may reduce your Internet ranking authority. We will run a report to show you all the websites which have the same content as your property’s website. Since other websites can copy your verbiage, it’s important to monitor and correct you duplicate content on a consistent basis.

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Inbound Links Report

Quality Link Evaluation

Bad links can cause your site to sink in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). We will run a report and present you with a spreadsheet indicating links that need to be corrected or removed.

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SEO Review

Search Engine Optimization Investigation

We will review your existing on-page SEO and then provide you with a list of recommendations to freshen each page that was fully marketed, also verifying if any additional web pages now have marketing potential.

A bid estimate will accompany our list of recommendations for completing the work.

*Only available for Acorn Marketing website designs with Acorn on-page SEO that went live after January 1, 2018.

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Domain Name Registration Services

Protecting Your Web Address

When you do not have control of your website address domain name, there is a possibility that you could lose it to someone else.

You will be required to place a credit card on file with the domain company for future automatic renewals.

We will help you determine with which company your domain is held (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.), gain access to the domain and update the contact information.

Typically we estimate 2 hours of time for this type of work, but in some cases, domain recovery can take longer. We will alert you if we need additional time to complete the domain recovery.

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Google Analytics Account Recovery

Access, Ownership and Repair

Having access to your own Google Analytics account is imperative. If you do not know which Google account was used to set up your Google Analytics or who set it up, then we will work with you to determine who owns the account to get it under your control.

Typically we  estimate 2 hours of time for this type of work, but in some cases, Google Analytics recovery can take longer. We will alert you if we need additional time to complete the task.

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