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Marketing Strategies and Services

We take marketing to the next level using data-based strategies

Acorn Marketing offers a customized and unique data-driven approach to meet the needs of each and every lodging property client, from small B&Bs and cabin rentals to event venues and luxury boutique hotels. Our Advantage Plans include 5 levels of services ranging from DIY marketing and Acorn University education to advanced monthly monitoring and VIP full service plans. You choose the right fit for your property based on your level of knowledge, experience, availability and budget. We also offer specialized consulting services to assist you with blog strategy, brand marketing, Tripadvisor management, revenue management strategies, and more.

Advantage Plan Subscription Options

When you subscribe to one of our Advantage Plan programs below, you will gain access to our continually evolving knowledge and expertise so you can better manage and grow your business without making costly and detrimental mistakes.

Acorn Marketing is no longer accepting new hosting clients who have had their website built by another web company. If you wish to subscribe to our Advantage Plan services but are not hosting an Acorn Site with us, ask about our Advantage Plan Non-Hosted options and pricing.

DIY Advantage Plans

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Level 1

Basic Service & Awareness
for the DIY Innkeeper

Advantage Plan Level 1 provides you with access to our continually evolving expertise and knowledge, which once applied, will help you better manage and grow your business without making costly and detrimental mistakes.

This information is provided in a variety ways:

  • Advantage Plan email alerts
  • Advantage Plan blog posts
  • Advantage Plan webinars
  • Advantage Plan special offers, such as annual Tripadvisor Business Listing reviews

You will also have access to our Acorn Client Dashboard, which includes:

  • Calendar with past and present Advantage Plan emails, blog posts, and webinars
  • Profile of your property so we can communicate relevant issues as they arise
  • Private access to Advantage Plan information and tutorials for topics innkeepers need to address
  • Dynamic action item tracking
  • Custom Performance Console with expanded Revenue Tracking Report (Levels 3, 4 & 5)

In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, you MUST establish an ongoing strategy to maintain and grow your business. Property owners typically cannot create such a plan without expert guidance. Hit and miss mistakes are costly. With our Advantage Plan program, you will learn what you need to do and how to do it.

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Level 2

Skill-Based Education
for the DIY Innkeeper

In today’s economy, small DIY business owners MUST become more knowledgeable about their Internet presence to formulate an effective marketing strategy. Without that knowledge, marketing dollars end up being wasted on programs with little or no benefit for growing your business. Knowledge is power! Our Level 2 education is the key to that power for the DIY innkeeper!

Acorn Marketing is committed to educating our customer base. We realize smaller properties have smaller marketing budgets, which means a DIY approach is required. That’s why we have offered Acorn University since 2009. With access to up-to-date and accurate information regarding marketing services, even rookies will be able to grasp basic concepts, like:

  • The difference between organic/local and pay-per-click placement.
  • Why a website tracker is so important to your business.
  • What meta tags are.
  • And much more.

This basic yet affordable knowledge gives you the power to make the right decisions for your business and, in time, see your business thrive on the Internet superhighway.

Advantage Plan Level 2 includes all services from Advantage Plan Level 1, PLUS:

Acorn University Education

  • Printable annual Posting Planner to keep you on top of your ongoing marketing.
  • Email invitations to monthly Acorn University and Club 60 live webinars.
  • Email invitations to our SEO Update webinar.
  • Access to video library of all past classes in Acorn University curriculum and Club 60.
  • Email invitations to monthly Q&A webinars for live help and support.
  • Included in a group of exclusive innkeepers and property owners who work together to support each other and share their knowledge.
  • Assistance selling your inn, including a free listing on our exclusive Inns for Sale page.

Here at Acorn Marketing, there is no such thing as a dumb question. We will work with you until you are able to grasp each important concept and use that knowledge to make the marketing decisions that will best benefit your business.

What’s the bottom line? The educated DIY innkeeper is equipped with the skills to INCREASE their REVENUE for less cost than the innkeeper who is unaware of the basic Internet marketing environment. Put our training program to work for you.

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Level 3

Market Watch Monitoring
for the DIY Innkeeper

Understand your revenue with our Level 3 hands-on Market Watch Strategic Planning and Monitoring Services. On a monthly basis, we will monitor your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for every marketing dollar you spend and help you understand how it contributes to your revenue. We review this information with you during a monthly 1-on-1 meeting.

As a busy innkeeper, do you have time to:

  • Review and interpret all of your data on a monthly basis?
  • Formulate a marketing plan?
  • Keep all this information organized from one month to the next?

If you are having trouble answering “yes” to any of these questions, then our Advantage Plan Level 3 is for you.

We offer a unique, hands-on approach to help property owners monitor their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), revenue, online presence and placement, and much more. We’re not talking about a simple auto-generated report. Anyone can set up Google Analytics to email you a monthly report. This service is a comprehensive statistical and search engine placement reporting program. You will work with a dedicated project manager who reviews, produces, and transmits electronically a customized report, including comprehensive recommendations and marketing trends. Your project manager will also meet with you on a monthly basis, providing and monitoring the most critical action items for your business.

You already know how dynamic online marketing can be; the rules change frequently. However, by tracking your stats and organic placement each month, we can watch for shifts in how search engines view your website, and ensure that your site’s visibility, traffic, and revenue remain strong.

Advantage Plan Level 3 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1 & 2, PLUS:

Monthly Digital Report

This report will give you an overview of the health of your website and online presence, and total revenue earned during the previous month. A monthly report consists of a Custom Performance Console and additional Revenue Tracker. (The Revenue Tracker is filled out monthly with the last-click and assisted conversions entered. Once the expenses for web presence are included and monthly OTA bookings are added, the Revenue Tracker provides an excellent depiction of bookings and revenue from your website.)

The Custom Performance Console includes:

  • Executive Summary
    This is where you will find your Market Watch details consolidated “at-a-glance.”
  • Revenue Reporting
    See how each of your referral sources are performing on a monthly and year-over-year basis.
  • Campaign Reporting
    Evaluate the effectiveness of your various campaigns, from paid ads to newsletters.
  • Website Reporting
    Understand how you are being found online, which pages of your website are making the biggest impact, and how far your blog posts are reaching.
  • Google Organic vs. Google My Business (GMB) Breakdown
    See the split between your Google Organic and GMB traffic and revenue.
  • Reviews, Social Media, Blog, & Newsletter Monitoring
    We help you keep track of the consistency of your reviews, posts, and other marketing efforts.
  • Online Health
    This section is designed to make sure innkeepers have completed the “one-time” tasks required to maintain placement in today’s online world.

Monthly Strategy Call

The monthly strategy call with your project manager is where you will be given tools and actionable items to increase your revenue. This is a personalized call designed to develop a strategy for your business. Typically, during the strategy call, your project manager will briefly go over the current month’s Digital Report and make you aware of any open action items that need to be addressed. The bulk of the call will be spent talking about the current marketing efforts you are employing, and checking the effectiveness of those tactics by reviewing data in Google Analytics to see how much revenue has been generated and how many sessions have come to your website as a result of these efforts. These statistics can help us determine how well each marketing effort is working, and allow us to make suggestions for any adjustments that might help to increase their effectiveness. During this call, your project manager will also talk with you about areas for future growth. These might include: OTA strategy, yield management, targeted newsletters, specials and packages, pay-per-click campaigns, and much more. This call will also allow time for your questions. When you schedule the meeting, you can let your project manager know which topics you will want to address, what help you might need, and any questions you may have. This call is where information moves from numbers and data to actionable items that can impact your business.

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Full Service Advantage Plans

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Level 4

Basic Marketing Bundle

Level 4 is for the innkeeper who is looking for a full service option. In addition to our hands-on Market Watch Strategic Planning and Monitoring Services with a dedicated project manager, our Acorn Content Management Team will handle your basic marketing work for you (email campaigns, blogging, social media posts, and Pinterest sessions).

We are very different when it comes to our clients’ marketing. Other companies may create a checklist of fixed marketing items that they box together for you to purchase. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with each client to determine which marketing options are the right fit for their property and budget. Below is a proposed bundle that can be adjusted to fit your needs. If you are not sure where to begin, we can help.

Click here to learn more about our Basic Marketing Options.

Advantage Plan Level 4 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1, 2 & 3, PLUS:

Suggested Monthly Content Management Basic Bundle
(Can be customized to fit your needs)

  • 1 Simplified Content Email
  • 2 Blog Posts
  • 4 Social Media Posts
  • 2 Pinterest Sessions
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Level 5

Advanced Marketing Bundle

This advanced level is for the innkeeper who is interested in a VIP full-service option where our Acorn Team will spend additional time each month going above and beyond our Basic Marketing & Monitoring tasks. Level 5 includes advanced marketing techniques and additional hands-on assistance customized for your specific on-going needs.

Advantage Plan Level 5 has been designed for our clients who wish to be hands-off regarding the basic and advanced marketing tasks that must be completed on a monthly basis. Your dedicated project manager will be completing agreed-upon tasks from the list below that the DIY innkeeper would typically be doing themselves.

This level is committed to utilizing more advanced products and techniques as supported by 3rd party companies that we have vetted, and thus are able to provide at lower pricing for our clients.

Click here to learn more about our Advanced Marketing Options.

Advantage Plan Level 5 includes all services from Advantage Plan Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4, PLUS:

Monthly Marketing Advanced Proposed Bundle

  • Brand Marketing & Prospecting
  • Guest Retention on Website Maintenance
  • Revenue Management Consulting
  • Texting Product and Services Integration
  • PPC (Google and Bing) Monthly Review & Adjustments
  • Review Management Tools
  • Tripadvisor Monthly Adjustments
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Content Management Options

Online marketing is not an option. It’s a necessity in today’s virtual world. You can choose to do it yourself (DIY), or hire a marketing company like Acorn Marketing to do it for you. Either way, there are several options from which to choose, and each has its own purpose and benefits, such as: increasing customer loyalty, gaining brand credibility, improving conversion rates, and obtaining measurable results.

However, there is a learning curve to effective online marketing, which can make it challenging for property owners who already have an overflowing list of things to do. That’s where we come in. Below are the basic content management services we offer our Advantage Plan clients on an à la carte basis, which means you choose the service, quantity, and frequency, and our professional and knowledgeable team of writers will do the work. These services can be customized for any Advantage Plan level.

Man scrolls through his email on a laptop computer

Email Marketing

Simplified, Enhanced, & Targeted Custom Email Campaigns

We provide a variety of diverse and attractive email marketing options, such as a simplified content email, an enhanced content email, as well as targeted email delivery to specific guest lists. We design the templates to compliment the branding on your website, research and write the topics and content, and publish the campaigns, all with your approval.

Simplified Email

The simplified email contains less content than our enhanced email with a focus on appealing graphics and links to your website and blog. This is a great monthly option.

Enhanced Email

The enhanced email contains more content than our simplified email with a focus on communicating enticing and relevant information to your list of subscribers. This is a popular quarterly and monthly option.

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Blog Marketing

Unique content specific
to your property

Our professional Content Management writing team will write original blog posts to correspond with local events, area activities and attractions, and property-related topics combined with appropriate photos for visual interest, and effective on-page SEO.

Laptop keyboard with one green key marked Share, and one blue key marked Like +1

Social Media Marketing

Custom curated content
for Facebook & Instagram

Our professional Content Management writers will add original and enticing image-based posts to your Facebook and Instagram pages, including hashtags and CTAs when applicable.

Hands holding tablet with Pinterest icon on blue background with purple donuts and drinks

Pinterest Sessions

Custom Pinterest Pins
created for your property

Our Content Management creators will build SEO-friendly pins and boards for your Pinterest account, making sure the content is visually appealing and relevant to your business and area to help increase your exposure and followers list.


Advanced Marketing Options

Our advanced marketing options provide our clients with an opportunity to increase revenue and guest satisfaction. These programs are available in conjunction with a variety of quality, 3rd-party providers that we have vetted and have chosen to work with. These partnerships provide you with a better pricing model than if you went directly to these companies for the same services. This type of marketing goes far beyond just a website and basic online marketing tasks, and continues to grow as we continue to search for new opportunities for our clients.

Hand writing on chalkboard with text Brand Management

Brand Management & Prospecting

Just-in-time brand messaging

Our preferred brand management and prospecting partner allows you to put your message in front of travelers at just the right time. Their connection to many different data points throughout the travel industry give them incredible insight into traveler intent.

Hand holding a mobile phone with the text Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

Targeted Ads & Boosted Posts

Facebook targeted ads and boosted posts are designed and configured to reach people in specific areas or with specific interests. Boosting posts can be configured to drive more people to your website or to your Facebook page.

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Guest Retention on Website

Maximize Conversions on Site

Our preferred partner for guest retention on your website offers an easy-to-use web tool designed to help maximize conversions by solving specific problems head on, but in a meaningful way, while at the same time making the client and user experience easy and intuitive. For an additional cost, this partner also provides a chatbot with auto-answer that can be added to your website as part of the program.

Cell phone open to texting lying on a laptop keyboard

Texting & Chat Services

Communicate directly
with your guests

We chose our preferred texting service partner for their ability to provide the most robust texting service for the best price to our clients.

This service allows you to communicate with your guests via text, video, and web chat, and then feed requests directly to your staff resulting in higher guest satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction tracking is built in during the guest’s stay, so if there are issues, they may be addressed when they happen, reducing lower star reviews once the guests depart. We offer two subscription levels: the basic level, and the higher level that includes the additional website chat option.

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Pay-per-click Ads on Google

We will set up a custom pay-per-click account with Google. An initial check after the program has been running will verify that you have good click-through rates and ad positions.

Ongoing pay-per-click monitoring is available where we will adjust your bids and review your ad content to support the best use of your monthly pay-per-click budget.

The cost for the monthly review may vary depending on how many campaigns and keywords you have running.

Note: We do not recommend having any company who is profiting from your ad spend to be the one to set up or monitor your ad programs.

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Review Management Tools

Easily gather great reviews

Our preferred review management partner offers a program which automates review gathering, saving you time and effort as you are alerted to mitigate a situation before a bad review is posted.

Hands holding a tablet with the YouTube logo displayed

YouTube Marketing

Video marketing for your property

We will load your videos to YouTube with SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, categories, and settings, and feed the video to your social media platforms.


Consulting Options

We are available to customize a program for any of your consulting needs. If you have found a product or service you would like us to evaluate and help you with, then let us know! We invite you to look through some of our most popular consulting options below.

Do you have a topic that is not listed below? Please tell us by filling out our “We Can Help Form,” and we’ll reach out to you to discuss! All consulting time is charged at $100 – $150 per hour with a 15-minute minimum.

Advantage Plan Level 3, 4 or 5 clients may choose to swap a monthly review session, once per quarter, for a consultation from the list below at no additional cost.

Woman in white shirt choosing Marketing Plan from a scroll of gear icons on a clear glass screen

Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Creation, Organization & Outreach

Partner with us to develop your brand, comprehensive business plan, and marketing message.

Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Message

Let an Acorn Marketing specialist help you put together a comprehensive marketing message. Whether it is a special promotion, package, event, or something else entirely, we can help you take advantage of all your marketing platforms to publish a consistent message in a way that uses each platform to its fullest.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns (Simplified, Enhanced & Targeted Emails)

Email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to drive additional revenue, but they come in all different shapes and sizes. Let us help you determine which kind of email campaign will help you accomplish your goals, and the most effective strategies to increase engagement and revenue.

Developing a Marketing Calendar

Plan your work and work your plan! Don’t let daily, weekly, and monthly marketing tasks get pushed to the back burner. Let us help you develop a marketing calendar to keep track of the different tasks that you want to complete, planning out both the timing and topics.

Developing a Comprehensive Business Plan

Whether you are starting out as a new property owner or have been managing a property for a decade, refreshing your strategy, establishing goals, and developing a plan to move forward is always important. Spend a half-day with an Acorn expert to sharpen your mission, look at new opportunities, review effectiveness of releasing rooms, and create strategies to implement programs. After the meeting, your consultant will develop a comprehensive report that is custom-designed for your property to help you move forward. A one-hour review and follow-up meeting is included.

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A laptop, tablet and phone lay on a weathered grey wooden tabletop

Enhance Your
Website Experience

Product & Service Add-ons

Guest retention, texting platforms, forms, specials and packages, and website placement repair assistance are all available to enhance your guest website experience.

Website Guest Retention

Learn how our preferred guest retention partner’s software works – how to set up nudges, price check, full screen, crisis management, and email capture, as well as reviewing insights and understanding how to interpret the information they provide.

  • Chatbot – Learn how our preferred chatbot partner’s software works, how to set it up, and the best way to use this tool as part of the website guest retention product.

Texting Products and Services for Lodging Property Owners

An Acorn team member will work with you to customize our preferred texting partner’s software to best fit your property’s needs. We will review surveys, pre-arrival, how it’s going, and departure text options, as well as how to set up exemptions to text for repeat guests, and so much more.

Online Forms

Learn how to set up online request forms for multiple uses like: online check-ins, weddings and elopements, breakfast, and many more ways to use forms to grow your business.

Packages, Specials and Add-Ons

The best way to increase revenue beyond additional room sales is to create packages for guests staying at your inn. Travelers increasingly want “experiences” while enjoying their getaway, so this is a great way to lure guests to stay and play at your property. Our experts will help you craft specials and packages that utilize unique area attractions, seasonal specials, and quality features offered by your inn.

WooCommerce Gift Shop

Add revenue by selling products via your Acorn Marketing website. We’ll installand configure Woocommerce plugins and connect to Paypal, add up to 15 product images and descriptions (you’ll be able to add more at your convenience), style your gift shop pages to match your website’s theme, and make sure it all meets ADA and responsive guidelines.

SEPPIR (Search Engine Placement Problem Identification Report) Task Completion

This consulting option is for the property owner or manager who has already had their SEPPIR completed and has attended the review meeting, but realizes they need assistance completing all the work the SEPPIR identified.

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A tablet with the word BLOG on screen, eyeglasses, coffee cup and tablet lie on a wooden tabletop

Advanced Blog Strategies

Content Review & Organization

Help with content organization and evaluation for growth, outreach, engagement and conversion.

Blog Content Organization

We will identify any issues with your current blog setup or category and tags structure. We will work with you on how to correctly publish a blog post after it is written, identify categories and tags, complete the SEO description, choose an effective SEO title for Google search, and more.

Blog Health Evaluation

We offer this evaluation to innkeepers and property owners who have paid another company to write prolific numbers of blogs, or have been blogging for a vast number of years. An in-depth analysis of your property’s blog page visitor traffic and revenue will be documented via Google Analytics e-commerce tracking. This evaluation will include: highest performing posts; recommendations for which posts should be kept or updated and republished; a list of posts to be deleted and re-directed. After we have completed and reviewed the analysis with you, we will do the necessary work to delete and re-direct under-performing posts.

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Social media icons in voice bubbles coming out of a mobile phone held in a person's hand

Comprehensive Social Media Review & Analysis

Facebook & Instagram

Find out how your social media posts are performing and the best way to increase exposure and engagement in this constantly changing media landscape.

The Comprehensive Social Media Review & Analysis includes a snapshot of your social media performance data for the last year, an in-depth comparison with several competitors, and a review meeting to discuss detailed findings and recommendations.

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The Wrods Brand Marketing spelled out on deice resting on a wooden table

Brand Marketing & Prospecting

Remarketing & Retargeting

Put your message in front of travelers at just the right time to increase your revenue.

Brand Marketing and Prospecting

Our preferred Brand Marketing and Prospecting partner offers a great opportunity to put your message in front of travelers at just the right time. Their connection to many different data points throughout the travel industry gives them incredible insight into traveler intent. This is a great option for someone who wants to get their brand out in front of people who are looking at traveling to your area. We can get you connected with our preferred partner and help you analyze their tool’s performance to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment.

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Man working on a laptop with the word Revenue onscreen, with a coffee cup, phone and notepad on a wooden table.

Revenue Management Strategies

Direct Booking vs. OTA

Create a plan to manage the pricing and release of your rooms to the OTAs to drive direct bookings.

Revenue Management / OTA Room Releasing for Maximum Profit

How does your property compare to your competitor set given the current market conditions? Are your prices too low, too high, or just right? Revenue management tools can help answer these questions, and we can help you develop a plan that will take this information and turn it into a strategy that ensures you are priced right. Combining this with an intentional strategy for releasing your rooms to OTAs will put you in a position to increase revenue by working smarter, not harder.

OTA (Online Travel Agency) Strategies

Do you know how to set up your OTAs with rooms and prices so guests choose your website over the OTA’s, producing more direct bookings and revenue? We will work with you to understand how to have your OTA data feeds best support you throughout the year.

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hand poiting at analytics on the screen of an open laptop

Tripadvisor Management

Product Setup,
Management & Review

Learn which Tripadvisor products to use for your business.

New Tripadvisor Product Setup

An expert Acorn Tripadvisor team member will work with you to develop and implement the right strategy within Tripadvisor’s offerings. These options may range from a variety of business plans, TripConnect Pay-Per-Click, and Sponsored Ad programs. We will also review any new available options Tripadvisor may be offering.

Note: We do not recommend having any company who is profiting from your Ad Spend to be the one to set up or monitor your Ad Spend programs.

Update to Existing Tripadvisor & Related Products

Do you know which Tripadvisor programs are best to use with TripConnect and Sponsored Ads to grow your business at a better rate than your OTAs? An Acorn team member expert will work with you to develop and implement the right strategy within Tripadvisor’s offerings. These options may range from a variety of business plans, TripConnect Pay-Per-Click, and Sponsored Ads programs. We will also look at any new  options Tripadvisor may be offering. We will then check your Google Analytics on your website and booking engine to make sure it is tracking correctly.

Note: We do not recommend having any company who is profiting from your Ad Spend to be the one to set up or monitor your Ad Spend programs.

Business Listing Yearly Review

Two to four weeks before your annual renewal date, you will want to contact Brandi Neely to schedule your annual Tripadvisor ROI review with Lisa Kolb. You will receive a link to a form to submit information that we’ll use to prepare the report. Once we have that information, we will schedule a one-hour meeting to review the contents of your report. It is very important that you remember to schedule this meeting on a yearly basis because Tripadvisor will not provide data further back than 12 months. We snapshot this data for your review, therefore you can have multiple years of data to look back on when it comes time to negotiate the cost of your Business Advantage listing.

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Man holding a credit card in one hand while scrolling with a mouse in the other

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies

Google Ads, Free &
Paid Google Hotel Ads

Reviewing, monitoring, and determining ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is necessary for all PPC ad programs.

Google Ads ROAS and Budget Analysis

Haven’t been monitoring your PPC ad spend? Do you know what kind of return you are getting on your Google Ads? Does it change throughout the year? Are there some months that perform better than others? Find the answers to these questions, and how to maximize your Google Ads ROAS.

Google Hotel Ad Campaigns

Google Hotel Ads (the little green bed) is a “Google partner required” program that allows you to advertise in Google’s metasearch local, maps, travel, and knowledge panel. We can work with you to choose the best option for using this metasearch program, and how to track it properly for an acceptable ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

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Person working on a computer while looking at graphs and data on paper


Yield Management
Setup & Reporting

Gain a better understanding of ThinkReservations to make quality decisions, and better manage the back of the house.

Understanding ThinkReservations Reports

Learn how to effectively use your reports and set up different aspects of ThinkReservations to track attributes and marketplace items. In addition, learn how to use reports for Front Desk, Housekeeping, and more.

ThinkReservations Yield Management Set Up

Learn how to set up yield management to maximize your revenue by increasing prices as rooms book up, and to discount rooms at the last minute for additional bookings.

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Transparent screen with mulitple graphs and a man's hand, writing

Market Analysis

for Rate Comparisons

Make certain that you are not missing revenue by setting your rates too high or low compared to your competition.

The Market Rate Analysis includes an introductory call with the client, in-depth rate analysis of three competitors, and a follow-up meeting to review findings, recommendations on rates, room releases and, if desired, yield management recommendations.

At this time, we only offer Market Rate Analysis to our current Acorn clients.

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Young couple standing arm-in-arm holding keys with a small silver house keychain

Entrance Planning

For Buyers & New Owners

Learn all you need to know about the seller’s marketing plan before you buy.

Buying Your Property

We provide consulting, training, and mentorship for new and aspiring innkeepers. We offer an in-depth “Web Presence Analysis & Marketing Study” for any potential property you are considering purchasing. This information will provide all you need to know about the seller’s marketing plan, whether you’ve just purchased the property, or you are still contemplating the purchase. Click below to see how Acorn can help you when purchasing a new property!

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Man in a white shirt and tie loks over contract with a pen inhis hand while holding a small grey house

Exit Planning

For Sellers

Help is available to wrap up loose ends as you sell or close your property.

Selling Your Inn

We offer several services, both complimentary and billable, for our clients who are selling or closing their property. Click below to let us know how we can help!

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