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5 Levels of Expert Marketing Services

Mark and Lisa Kolb owned a smaller bed and breakfast before they began Acorn Marketing, and they quickly realized that you had to out-market, or at least meet the marketing efforts of the nearby competitors (respectfully, of course), whether offering 1 room or 50 rooms! So, in order to get their property on the map along with the larger properties in the area, they learned the important tasks required to keep up.

That’s why today Mark and Lisa continue to provide a variety of marketing options and education to fit properties of all shapes, sizes and budgets. Don’t be fooled. There truly is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan.

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Time vs. Money

Marketing Must-Haves

Online marketing requirements do not discriminate. Whether you have 2 or 200 rooms, your basic marketing tasks are going to require the same amount of effort to be successful.

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We have solutions to fit any size property or budget!

Our programs are adjusted to any budget. For the smaller property with a modest marketing budget, we teach you how to do the various required marketing tasks right the first time, and you do them yourself (DIY)! For our larger properties who have a more expansive marketing budget, we have programs that offer full-service marketing and monitoring services. Whatever your specific property size or budget, we have a solution to help you to be highly successful in today’s online marketing environment.

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"Acorn Works Tirelessly to Keep Us Informed!"

– Pam Kowalewski

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