September 20, 2018


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"You don't know what you don't know until you know it."

Need to Know News is intended to educate members of the lodging industry who understand the value of being aware of changes that can affect their ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Today's Topic: Select Registry announces a New Website Version soon to be released.

Monday Check-Out Email September 17, 2018

On Monday September 17, 2018 Select Registry Members received the following information as part of Select Registry’s Monday Check-Out email:

Late last week, all members received a personalized username and temporary password to access a new version of the Select Registry website that's scheduled to be released in the next two weeks…  If you would like professional assistance optimizing your digital presence, please see the special offer below from Select Registry Associate Member Q4 Launch… Q4Launch is offering professional content creation and digital marketing services to members who would like assistance with their Select Registry member profile… This package is $475.

We would like to take a moment to remind Select Registry members that if they are currently working with a digital marketing firm for their business, they should first reach out to their own provider for assistance with changes to their SR listing, should they need help. 

Acorn Internet Services, Inc., InsideOut Solutions and White Stone Marketing together make up over 30% of all Select Registry member’s chosen digital marketing providers.

Upon being notified of this Monday Check-Out email, each of these providers have reached out to their Select Registry Inn clients to offer assistance with updating the new version of the SR website content for their clients, all at a lower cost than $475, and in some cases such services are already included at no charge in the Innkeepers contract with these firms.

On December 14, 2017 Q4 Launch was announced as SR’s digital marketing agency of record: “I am very pleased to announce that Select Registry has chosen Q4Launch as its new digital marketing agency of record,” said Mark Jaronski, Select Registry’s CEO.

Whether your digital marketing firm has or has not chosen to be a member of Select Registry, contacting them first should always be your first course of action.

Take Away: Always contact your own digital marketing provider before engaging costly services elsewhere. 

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