August 7, 2019


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On 7-26-19, representatives for Expedia and the Plaintiffs (Bed & Breakfasts, Inns) appeared before a Federal Magistrate as ordered. Expedia requested a trial; the presiding Judge ruled that no trial was needed as there is “plenty of evidence” and the parties were ordered to settle, which would include operating terms for Expedia*. Despite working with a mediator, no settlement was reached as Expedia “dug in their heels”. The Plaintiffs’ legal team moved for summary judgement (a decision on the merits of the case) … and that is the present status of the case.

This effort was initally shared in our Need to Know News on June 15, 2018. You can read the original post from over a year ago by clicking the button below.


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(*The Class Action Suit identified that Expedia lists lodging properties that do not provide inventory to them and have not contracted or authorized them to do so. The listings state ‘no rooms available’ (or some variation) which is false, as Expedia does not know the property’s inventory. Additionally, Expedia employs “bait and switch” to direct travelers to other properties who are paying Expedia’s commission. A settlement would define how Expedia could list these properties.)


The law firm representing your fellow innkeepers has asked us – you – to help provide current information on Expedia’s practices. In other words, is Expedia still listing false information on room availability for B&Bs, Inns, or other lodging properties?

If you are ‘unaffiliated’ with Expedia, that is, your property is listed on Expedia but you do not have a contract with them and you do not supply room inventory to them, PLEASE take a few minutes to answer this 7 question survey. And, we do ask you to identify yourself (to legitimize the survey) and indicate whether the Law Firm may contact you. They are especially interested in your experience with Expedia, so you’ll see a question on ‘share additional details’.


The survey will remain open for 10 days; closing on Friday August 16th.