2nd Annual New Owners & Aspiring Boot Camp

8-Week Virtual Marketing Boot Camp
March 2 thru April 20, 2022

Aspiring and New Innkeeper Classes InfoGraphic

We are seeing an increase in new property owners over the past year.

With so many new owners joining the industry, quality aspiring and new owner marketing education is more important than ever.

A variety of classes are available to aspiring and new owners to prepare them for this new business venture. But how you prepare to market the property, starting with knowing exactly what the sellers are doing now, or what they were doing when you purchased the property, and how to wrap your arms around all that information and then know what to do with it is a daunting process.

Knowing what you don’t know is imperative for ongoing success.

In 2021, we presented a 6-week class to new and aspiring owners. We realized that we needed to extend the webinar this year, as 6+ hours was NOT enough time to cover everything!

We are excited to announce that Acorn Internet Services, Inc. will be presenting a new 8-week Aspiring and New Owner Virtual Marketing Boot Camp beginning in March 2022.






P.S. If you will not be attending for free as an Acorn Advantage Plan client, we are offering discounted pricing for ALP members, along with members of any state or local association that is currently working with Acorn to promote this valuable education! If your association is not currently involved, we'd love to work with them! Please have them reach out to Lisa Kolb at lisa@acorn-is.com.

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