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Google Local Business Trusted Providers - Why they are Important to Google and to You!

On June 15th, Lisa Kolb posted this comment regarding Google Local Business (GLB) Listings:

"we...believed that placement had more to do with your listings as they were grandfathered by different trusted sources on the web"

What are GLB Listings? GLB listings are located when you do a Google search, to the right of the map. You can identify these listings based on their A-G bubble indicators. Click here for more information on GLB listings.

We are even more convinced of the accuracy of the statement above after reading the following article "Local Search Ranking Factors" David Mihm's Blog in which multiple web experts were asked to rank what factors they thought were important to a good Google Local Listing.

The consensus was that IYP (Internet Yellow Pages) amd Major Data Providers were of high importance.

As per Ed Reese, of Sixth Man Marketing: "This is still the single most important factor to local search rankings in my opinion. In addition to IYP's I would recommend adding citations that are powerful for your business' industry, your city, and citation sources related to your industry (like associations and social networking groups)."

Below you will find a list of the top Trusted Providers as documented in David Mihm's article. These are the sites from which Google pulls information.

Make sure your business is listed correctly on these sites. IE: All of the (free) and as many of the (paid) sites that you choose.

Most Important Data Providers + IYP Sites from the David Mihm Article:

1. infoUSA - Submit a Site (free)
2. Superpages - Submit a Site (free)
3. Localeze - Submit a Site (free)
4. YellowPages - Free Listing - also offers paid advertising
5. Yelp - Add your Listing (free)
6. InsiderPages - Submit a Site (free)
7. Niche Industry Sites (BBB, Vertical Directories)*
8. Acxiom (Marketing Company- paid) (See note)**
9. YahooLocal - similar to Google Local Listings (free)
10. Citysearch - Set Up Account (paid)

Other sites receiving significant votes: Niche Civic/Municipal Sites (Chamber of Commerce, Local Directories), Merchant Circle, UniversalBusinessListing, Yellowbot.

* Niche Industry sample sites would include listing your information consistently with companies such as bnbfinder, pamlanierbb and etc.

How you set up your listing within Google Local and many other data provider sites “trusted” by Google is critical. What this means is that you have to be precise and consistent with how you type in your relevant business information on every listing that you set up for your business, including having your address in text on your Web site. Otherwise, Google may become confused when they attempt to verify your business. You want to avoid confusion by making sure that no conflicting information can be found.

Make sure you list your business name, address, phone number, E-Mail address and web address are entered identically in each listing. You will not help yourself by trying variations of your name. Start with your Google Local Business Listing content, and keep it the same everywhere you submit your information.

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We have provided the above information to help support high placement for your Google Local Business listing. The future of GLB will soon provide you the ability to purchase paid placement associated with the GLB listings. Google is currently testing this feature in select urban areas. Watch the video below to learn more about GLB Paid Listings.

** To check your business information with Acxiom, send an e-mail to :, or call (501)252-3122. Include your business name, address, phone number and URL.

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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