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Responsive Design Owners: Google Analytics Alert

Calling all Responsive Web Design owners!  New Responsive designs combine your Blog, Mobile and Web pages all in one place. Your old, Non-Responsive designs typically provided your Blog, Mobile and Web pages as separate entities.

Not only are all these contents now stored in one place, your Google Analytics Tracking for each of these pieces and parts is also combined together in one place.

What happens to your GA after a Responsive Site goes live?

This new Responsive Site combination of data will make your statistics look very different than they did when you were tracking separate parts of your site in separate Google Analytics Accounts.  You might see artificially increased Bounce Rates, or increased Sessions due to your Blog being rolled into your statistics when it wasn't there before.  You might even have a newly installed Reservation System Plugin that artificially increase your Bounce Rates or skew Dashboard comparisons from the old site to the new site.

All Innkeepers with a new Responsive Site that replaced an older Non-Responsive Site can no longer simply gloss over your Analytics at a high level for any type of marketing decisions. You have to make sure you are comparing Apples to Apples.   This video will show you how.

So, whether you created a new Responsive Design with Acorn IS, or by another provider, I encourage you to please take a moment and watch this video about your Google Analytics Tracking.

Don’t know what a Responsive Design is? Watch this Video
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