Knowledge is Power! Education is the Key to that Power!

In today’s economy, small business owners MUST become more knowledgeable about their Internet presence to be able to formulate a strategic Internet marketing plan. Without that knowledge, marketing dollars are easily applied to programs that provide little or no benefit for bringing in customers.

Acorn Internet Services is committed to the education of our customer base. With the right information about the Internet marketing product services available, even the newest of Internet rookies can and will be able to grasp basic Internet concepts — learning the difference between organic/local placement and Pay Per Click placement, why a Web site tracker is so very important to your business, and what meta tags are, to name just a few.

With this basic knowledge comes the power to make the right decisions for your business and, in time, see your business thrive on the Internet superhighway.

Acorn University Member Benefits

  • Printable Yearly Project Planner to keep you on track of your Ongoing Marketing
  • E-Mail Invitations to bi-monthly Acorn University and Club 60 Live Webinars
  • E-Mail Invitations to SEO Update Webinar
  • Access to Video Library of all past classes in Acorn University Curriculum and Club 60
  • E-Mail Invitations to monthly Q&A Webinars for Live Help and Support
  • Access to the Acorn U / Club 60 Q&A Forum / Chat Room
  • You will become a part of a group of Exclusive Innkeeper and Property owners who work together to support each other and share their knowledge.
  • If you decide to sell your inn, you will be listed on Acorn’s exclusive Inns for Sale page

Here at Acorn Internet Services, there is no such thing as a dumb question. We will work with you until you are able to grasp each important concept and use that knowledge to make the marketing decisions that will best benefit your business.

Bottom Line? The educated Innkeeper is equipped with the skills to INCREASE their REVENUE for less cost than the Innkeeper who unaware of their Basic Internet Marketing Environment.