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The Truth about Dynamic vs. Static URLS

The following Tweet was posted today by

Static URL's vs Dynamic URL's, Matt Cutts explains which is best. I still see sites with Dynamic URL's which is not good.

This tweet says Dynamic URL’s are NOT GOOD.

This statement is NOT TRUE.

The video in this tweet was recorded by Matt Cutts on July 30, 2006. It’s over 3 years old.

There are many "more current" articles on this topic, declaring the information on this video outdated, and no longer applicable.

On July 26, 2007
[Read Full Article]

Google engineer Matt Cutts told the audience at WordCamp this past weekend that dynamic URLs and static URLs are treated the same by Google—with the caveat that as long as there aren’t more than 2 or 3 parameters in the URL…

At which point (in 2007) Google DID recommend you rewrite your Dynamic URLS in a Static Fashion.

But the story doesn’t end there…

September 22, 2008
Article on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog [Read Full Article]

Myth: "Dynamic URLs cannot be crawled."
Fact: We can crawl dynamic URLs and interpret the different parameters….

At which point (in 2008) Google recommended that programmers should avoid rewriting dynamic URLs at all, unless they were diligent and really sure they knew what they were doing.

Summary: The article dated September 22, 2008 clearly states that Google can crawl dynamic URLs. We have been building association database sites for many years. We can prove these dynamic URLs index just as well as Static URLs.

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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