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Leavenworth Washington Bed and Breakfast - Run of the River Success Story!

We are so happy when our customers share successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results with us. Run of the River has a gorgeous web site design created by Rare Brick. When we met Monty at the PAII conference at Disney in CA last year, he knew he wanted his site to work harder for him in the organic listings. So he contracted with Acorn to optimize their site for better placement on search phrases that are PROVEN to be the phrases that the human public are typing when they are web surfing.

We partner with each of our customers as we follow our SEO process. In the case of Run of the River we updated their existing Rare Brick design with quality content, metas, internal links and included an Innkeeper Notes area on the home page for fresh content. We included proven search phrases on every single page of the site to drive more quality traffic.

We diligently continue to refine our SEO procedures as the search engines change what they are looking for in regards to a web site with good SEO. We began studying and developing this process back when we still owned our own Bed and Breakfast (7 years ago) where we used our own Inn as the testing ground to see what works well for presenting an honest (White Hat) presentation of content, metas, links and fresh content to Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.

This process works, and works extremely well from the hundreds of customers that have enjoyed increased organic traffic resulting in more bookings adding to their bottom line.

Our favorite saying is: PROOF IS IN THE PLACEMENT. Here are just a few of the phrases we selected to help drive more traffic to Run of the River’s site. These were all tracked in Google. Try it yourself! This is just a small sample of the organic success that Monty and Karen talk about above in their e-mail.

Leavenworth Washington Bed and Breakfast
May 08 – Page 2 #9
July 09 – Page 1 #3

Romantic Getaway Washington State
May 08 – Not in Top 10 pages
July 09 – Page 1 #8

Washington State Adventure Vacations
May 08 – Not in Top 10 pages
July 09 – Page 1 #3

Thank you Monty and Karen for sharing such a wonderful note!

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you get better organic placement in the various Search Engines, please contact Marian Talbert at 877-226-7699.

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