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Is Using Al To Generate Content Good Practice or Pointless Plagiarism

What is AI?

Simply stated, AI is artificial intelligence. It is the simulation of what our brains do — acquiring and applying knowledge and skill.

Every day we take in large amounts of data or bits of knowledge and skill. Then, we sort through that data to find the best answer or action plan when making decisions. With that in mind, AI brings “artificial” into the mix and uses a machine to take in vast amounts of data and apply it in whatever way it’s programmed to function.

What Are the Benefits of Using AI to Write Content?

One of the top questions most writers ask is whether AI is truly automated. Will AI tools do the work for us?

From our point of view — no!

AI is one tool in a writer’s toolbox. A powerful tool, but just a tool with some great benefits.

  • Improves speed. Researching topics takes time. Gathering all the data, sorting it to fit your topic, and then writing a creative, informative, and SEO-rich piece takes a significant block of time. AI can help research topics and fine-tune your writing.
  • Improves productivity. With increased speed in writing, you’ll experience increased productivity.
  • Provides quick ideas and boosts creativity. All writers have experienced writer’s block — that dreaded blank page waiting for inspired words. AI helps not only to produce ideas quickly to use as is but also inspires additional creative ideas.

How does Google feel about AI-generated content?

John Mueller, Google’s Senior Search Analyst, has stated that AI-generated content is considered spam according to Google guidelines.  Google Panda changed the algorithm for search results. Writing for better search results is penalized, while high-quality content written and edited for people sits higher in SERPS.

So, how does Google feel about it? AI-generated content on its own will likely not produce the best results. But using AI as one of the tools in your writing process should not be considered spam.

snapshot if AI sessionHow Can We Use AI to Create Content?

Use AI tools to generate blog ideas and outlines. Some tools will take that information and blog sections and finish with intro and concluding paragraphs. Always carefully confirm facts and edit the piece for POV (point of view) and voice. This step takes artificially generated content and transforms it into a successful article.

There are several options available, such as:


For the above portion of this post, we used to produce outline ideas, content and the title and Grammarly to edit. See snapshot.

Chatbot AI Competition: The New Bing vs. Google Bard?

Google has been synonymous with Internet Search for a quarter of a century.  But regarding the use of AI chatbots, "The New Bing" built on ChatGPT has caused quite a stir in the world of conversational search engine results.  You simply have to look at the latest news articles to see all kinds of information, including how an ad for Google's Bard chatbot caused their stock drop when the ad didn't go as planned.  

Currently, what we understand is that these new features will complement and not replace traditional search. As these tools continue to grow and adapt, you can be assured Acorn Marketing is on top of how they may potentially affect your business.  

As these announcements are so very new, the time isn't quite right to discuss all the pieces and parts of the new chatbot AI, as we know it will change drastically from what was announced recently and what it will mean to your bottom line. Acorn Marketing will continue to test and watch how these new complimentary products play out.  And when the time is right, you can trust we will bring you the best and most applicable information via our outstanding  Acorn University webinar series!

What’s the Takeaway?

While AI tools can help you write content, quality will always trump quantity and ease. It’s still important to carefully edit and enhance the verbiage to express your voice.

At Acorn, we consistently research and develop better ways to help our clients with their marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence will never fully replace the abilities, attention to detail, and customer care that our human writers accomplish.

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