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Almost a year ago we blogged about checking your site for old links and badges that were sending your site visitors away from your site - now we're back to ask you to check again.


The website is GONE!
See Image Below... is now VRBO is no more - the domain redirects to, and the few inns that are still listed with them are interspersed with vacation rentals. It's so important to review your website regularly to make sure you don't have old and out-of-date information on it, but even more important when your old badge or link could be taking your site's visitors - and their business - away to see competing vacation rentals in your area.

If you find an old link, image, or badge, remove it right away. If you don't have the ability to remove it yourself, have your webmaster take care of it for you. As it is now, inns are struggling to keep their direct bookings from all kinds of competitors, so don't unwittingly send your potential bookings away to VRBO!

Acorn clients may request website changes via our support form link.


6 thoughts on “ is Now VRBO - Don't Send Them Your Guests!

    • Hi Julie,

      The story of is long and convoluted, but basically after being a premier directory for B&Bs for years, the company was sold to Homeaway in 2010, but continued as a B&B directory. In 2016, Expedia bought Homeaway (who owned VRBO), thereby acquiring In 2018, Featured Listings went away and listings were switched from listings to Expedia’s Lodging Partner Services (EPC) platform. Now they have switched gears once again, and no longer exists and has been replaced by VRBO.

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  1. How can I find out what the balance is on our gift card? I have tried searching numerous sites with no success.

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