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Don't Advertise Your Rooms on YOUR Website for the OTAs!

Have you looked at your footer lately? That's the area at the bottom of your website that commonly holds links to your affiliates. Are you unknowingly advertising your rooms for the OTAs right from your own website?

If you have links to, Expedia, even, you could be sending your potential guests right off of your site into the arms of an OTA, where if they book, you will end up paying commision, or worse, they will find another inn in your area to book with!

A link to used to be great - a link to a page all about you, with reviews and information and photos of your B&B. Now, a link to leads to a page about your city, with booking buttons that lead them to book through an OTA. Even if the link goes to "your page" on b&, the booking link is not through you.

Screenshot of Santa Fe page on bedandbreakfastdotcom

A link directly to an OTA can be even worse - this is what greets potential guests when they click a on one B&B site:

Screenshot of warning from

This is just sending your revenue away - don't do it!

We recommend that you remove links to and OTAs from your website. If you don't know how to do that yourself (and even if you think you do, be CAREFUL - breaking the footer can break the site), and you're an Acorn client, submit a Support Ticket to have one of our developers get those links off of your website!

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