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Google attempting to help businesses in the wake of COVID-19

Yesterday, Acorn published a lengthy coronavirus blog post with hints, tips and suggestions on how to help you during this difficult time of cancellations, travel changes and fear regarding the coronavirus in the US.

We will be speaking on this on our Club 60 Acorn University client webinar on March 26th, and have opened up communications on our private FB channel for our Advantage Plan clients to share what they themselves are doing from: updated policies, popups on their website, getting in front of the situation by emailing all their past and pending guests and so much more...

And then today, I see this email from Google My Business, and wondered - what the heck?

Info Graphic from Google with what to do for your business with Corona Virus

Regarding #1 and #4

Innkeepers do have access to both Number 1 and 4 in their GMB (Google My Business) account, and most definitely should update your Inn's hours and verify your Inn's phone number, should those not currently be accurate.

Regarding #2 and #3

But regarding #2 - Updating your Business Description and #3 - Sending a Post.


This is exactly why Acorn Internet Services has been trying to have each and every Innkeeper reach out to your legislators regarding this unfair playing field that Google applies to Innkeepers and lodging owners vs. doctors, plumbers, lawyers IE: any non-lodging business types (who all have access to their description and the ability to send a post.)

If you haven't reached out to your state legislators regarding this un-level playing field, we encourage you to do so.

In the case of coronavirus, it's already TOO LATE for you to be able to take the advice Google is giving above, but these discriminatory actions must stop!  All businesses should have access to these items -- especially in an emergency such as this.


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