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Your Customers Have Questions for You - On Google

If you haven't looked at your Knowledge Panel in a while, or don't even know what a Knowledge Panel IS - this is the post for you.

Google has added a feature to the knowledge panel - it's a "Questions & Answers" section, in which people can post questions about your business. The answer field is open to anyone, which makes it important that you are checking to make sure you answer those questions correctly, as the business owner.

To find your Knowledge Panel, do a search of your business name in Google. If another business has a similar name (for example "Carriage House Inn" and "Carriage House Bed and Breakfast"), add your city. Your Knowledge Panel will be on the right side of the page and will look like this: 

Google's Knowledge Panel for a Branded search

Scroll down until you see the section marked "Questions & Answers".

Questions and Answers segment of Google's Knowledge Panel

Click on the Link "See all questions"

Questions section of Google's Knowledge Panel

You'll get a pop-up with the question (or questions) in it:

Answer section of Google Questions and Answers

Click that button to open the questions box - type your answer, then click POST.

The place in Google's Q&A to type in an answer

This is what it looks like after you click POST:

Saved answer in Google Q&A section

If you get a nasty post, or one that is irrelevant to your business, or is wrong in any way, you can report it. Just click the three dots to the right of the question, then click "Report":

The psot to report a bad question in Google's Q&A

Choose the correct reason:

Reasons for bad question reporting in Google

And that's all you have to do. Google will usually take the question down during their investigation, and and may or may not take it down permanently.

Take a couple of minutes and check your Knowledge Panel for questions that your customers may be asking you!

2 thoughts on “Your Customers Have Questions for You - On Google

    • Hi Debbie, according to Google, this is the way you can receieve notifications on the Q&A feature – when logged into Google, use this link : – scroll to the part that says, “Questions and answers – Alerts about questions and answers posted to your business on Google”, and make sure the box to the right of that is clicked. Of course, you have to make sure you’re checking the email you use to log into Google, as that is where the notifications are supposed to be going.

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