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Is Your Blog Out of Shape?

We all know we have to keep our bodies in shape for our long-term health, but that also applies to blogs! If you have been a good, consistent blogger, you probably have some posts out there that are a lot like junk food – just sitting around, bloating up your blog, soaking up your Google juice, and not getting any attention from the public. Posts like that can hurt your ranking in Google, without you even knowing it.

Before and after cartoon of a brown haired man with no muscles and with muscles

It’s time to get that blog to the Acorn Gym – let our “trainers” evaluate your blog, and let you know if it’s time to shape up by losing some of those flabby blog posts. We will look at your Google Analytics to see which posts are performing best, and which are lagging behind. We will give you a list of posts that should be updated and republished with new dates, links, etc., as well as a list of posts that should be deleted and re-directed – so that you can reduce blog bloat properly.  You don’t want to just go deleting posts at random without the appropriate forwards.  There is a science to this in order to keep Google happy, and we will make sure it’s done right.

Once the evaluation and analysis are completed, you may choose to have Acorn do the heavy lifting and clean up your blog for you. We will provide you a bid based on our current rates to update and re-publish posts, and/or delete and re-direct under-performing posts.

If you would like to have your blog shaped up, contact our Professional Client Services Manager, Pam Prentice, to begin work on getting your blog healthy and performing optimally!

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