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Google Removes "Visit website" link from Local Listings

On Friday September 23rd, 2016 the "Visit website" link on the 3 (sometimes 2) Pack, Local and Maps Listings vanished on Google's desktop results.

I've expected Google to do something along these lines and now they have.

If you do not have OTA pricing available for the filter nights defined, there is now an empty white space where the link "Visit website" used to be displayed.  See example below highlighted in Pink.

Google Sept 23 Change in Local

So what does this mean for your business?

  • Direct bookings through your Website are going to be even harder to acquire.
  • Inns who participate in the OTA world will have a distinct visual advantage because their room pricing will be prominently displayed.
    Didn't realize OTAs were impacting Local Placement as of April 1, 2016?  Read More Here

local knowledge panel web buttonThe one ray of hope is that the Website button is still on the knowledge panel.
(See example to the left).

But for how long? Only time will tell!

Google wants to be part of your guests online experience from their initial search all the way through to booking (and not necessarily by the guest booking directly on your Website.  OTAs list your rooms via Google Ads in the Local Listings and Knowledge Panel). 

Are you following Googles guidelines and thus playing Google's "game" the best way you know how?

Hint: You need to be if you want to maintain and grow your online revenue.

Want to learn more on how Acorn Internet Services can help
you better navigate Google's ever changing environment?

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