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The Mobilegeddon Prepper Quiz – R U Prepared for April 21st?

There is no reason to fear the changes coming to organic Google Mobile results on April 21st. You simply need to be prepared! I encourage you to spend a few minutes and take the Mobile Prepper Quiz below.

What is your Mobile Prepper Score?
Based on your score, should you expect quality Mobile placement survival for your business?

  • 10-11 Points: Most Likely
  • 8-9 Points: Probable
  • 5-7 Points: Possible
  • 0-4 Points: Unlikely

Google Supported Mobile Site TypesQuestion 1: What type of Mobile Site do you have for your business?
Google ONLY supports 3 types of Mobile Design Options.

3 points: Responsive Web Design (Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern)
Click Here to learn how to test to see if a site is Responsive.
2 points: Dynamic Serving
1 point: Separate URLs
0 points: I have no Mobile Site for my business

If you have no Mobile site for your business, you will need to create a plan to become mobile ready as soon as it is possible, otherwise, continue on with the quiz.

Question 2: What pages of your site display the “Mobile-Friendly” tag in Google mobile organic results?
Google provides the Mobile-Friendly testing tool to test EACH PAGE of your site, but Google also recommends that you verify the tag appears on all pages your organic Mobile Results Search. This CANNOT be tested using a typical Desktop browser. Watch the video below to learn how to easily test all the pages of your site for the “Mobile-Friendly” Tag.

3 points: All my Web site pages have the “Mobile-Friendly” tag
2 points: A few of my Web site pages have the “Mobile-Friendly” tag
1 point: Only my Home Page has the “Mobile-Friendly” tag
0 points: I have NO Mobile-Friendly tags on any of my pages


Question 3: How does your Web site score using Google’s Insights Testing Tool?
Google provides their Insights Testing Tool for Web Developers to know how to build and modify their code to better meet Google’s Usability and Speed Guidelines.

3 points: All of my mobile Web site pages score in Green.
2 points: The majority of my mobile Web site pages score in Green.
1 point: The majority of my mobile Web site pages score in Yellow.
0 point: The majority of my mobile Web site Pages Score in Red.

Question 4: I have recorded my current placement, both on Desktop and Mobile Search Results for Local and Organic results.
You must be being logged out of your Google account and must be using a clean browser, so you may compare the placement changes after the 21st. Again, watch the video below to learn how to make a record of your current placement.

1 point: Yes
0 points: No

Step by Step Video to Capture Current Placement and to Check to see what Pages of your Site are Mobile Friendly

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