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Do NOT Settle... Invest in a fully Responsive Design!

An Innkeeper asked us a question last week that I thought was an interesting one.

Question: Do we still develop any new sites that are not Responsive?
Answer: NO!

In May of 2013 we decided that ALL our new designs going forward would be Responsive and follow Google's guidelines.

I would not advise any Innkeeper to invest in a new Website that is not Responsive.

Yes - there are companies that will build you a Non-Responsive site for less money, or even a Responsive site that doesn't meet Google's quality guidelines, but quite frankly, the minute it goes live it will be out of date and you'll be investing more money, much more quickly than if you would have just built a Responsive Website following Google's directives, in the first place.

If you are unsure what a Responsive Website is or why it's so important, please watch the video below to learn about Responsive designs in light of Google's Guidelines.

Please... DO NOT SETTLE for anything less that a fully Responsive Website!

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