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New Website for New Owners of Beacon House Inn Bed & Breakfast

When making a new start, many of us like to have new things to get us going. For example, starting a workout plan seems to be more fun when we have cute new shoes, or when starting home improvements, we might like a new set of paintbrushes. The same sort of principal applies, on a larger scale, when new owners take over an existing business. When Mike Truffa and Heather Hawkins took over Beacon House Inn Bed & Breakfast in 2013, they had to deal with a website that wasn't doing much for them, and needed a fresh new start.

They "inherited" an association with Acorn IS from the former owner and decided to stay with us for the new website, which is not only technologically sound, having been built in the WordPress CMS as a responsive web design, but is also very visually pleasing:

screenshot of home page of bed and breakfast website. White background with yellow and rust header

Of his new site, Mike said:
"As new owners in the bed & breakfast world, one of our first goals was to bring our old inherited website into the year 2014.  Clearly outdated and disjointed, the old site lacked any new internet compliance's needed to properly market our business.  Fortunately, Acorn Internet Services specialize in making "the guts" of any new site current and ready to compete in today's market.  Using their turnkey web-site option not only made our new site affordable for our small business, but also made it clean, easy and very Google friendly.  Working with our Data Gathering and Development project managers also made our job easy and pain free.  Quick responses to our questions and changes were always appreciated and very professional.  Thank you for bring us up to speed! "

We are so pleased that Mike and Heather are happy with the new site and the process to get the new site!

Annie Buck
Local, Social Media and Education Manager
Acorn IS

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