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October 2013: FREE "Trick or Treat" Education Each Week!

Trick or Trick Educational WeeksThis year we will offering Innkeepers "Educational Awareness Opportunities" each Wednesday, during the Month of October.

We will be kicking off this 6 week series on Wednesday, September 25, 2014 with Google Local "Advice from 35 Experts"

We encourage you to sign up for a FREE month of "Trick or Treat" Educational Awareness each week!

Is Google "Treating" your Site to Great Placement? (or)
Are you Finding it "Tricky" to Keep on Top of their Latest Changes?

The intent of these FREE Webinars is to encourage Innkeepers that are not currently active Acorn University Students to UNDERSTAND and be AWARE of what they are missing out on by not being involved in an ongoing, structured Educational Program.

  • The content of these FREE Webinars will be presented as an orientation to each of these topics.
  • The intent is to help Innkeepers become AWARE of issues that could be damaging their placement.
  • Detailed education on how to successfully deal with such issues is available by joining Acorn University as a registered student.

There is NO OBLIGATION to attend these FREE Webinars.

After you've attended these FREE Webinars, it will be your decision! Can you afford to not be involved in Acorn University? Acorn University Students receive complete, structured, current and ongoing education designed to help them continue to successfully market their Inn, improve their ROI and enjoy various other benefits and discounts provided by Acorn IS.

Webinar 1: Google Local "Advice from 35 Experts"

Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern

Come to this session and learn about this year's "2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey" results. This valuable content has been provided by 35 Top Local Experts, including Lisa Kolb of Acorn Internet Services. We will cover the top 7 local ranking factors every business MUST get right! We will also be briefly exploring the Local Carousel, the importance of NAP Accuracy (Name, Address and Phone), Authority, Mobile, Reviews and your Reputation. A more detailed overview and Q&A session of each of these topics will be available throughout the month of October as follows.

Webinar 2: SEO Today

Date: Wednesday, October 2 , 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 8:00 Pacific, 9:00 Mountain, 10:00 Central, 11:00 Eastern

This SEO class is taught the first Wednesday of every quarter. It is a 2 hour session. In the first hour will discuss SEO Today, the second hour is designed to coach our new SEO customers on the Acorn IS On-Page SEO process. If you are interested in understanding the difference between how Local and Organic placement functions today, we invite you to come and listen to this informative Webinar!

Webinar 3: NAP or Die

Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone. Every Innkeeper's online and offline NAP must be uniquely accurate or your local placement will truly "Die on the Vine". We've proven this over and over when we've taught Innkeepers how to CLEAN up their NAP so it is accurate everywhere online and their placement always improves.  Bottom line: If your NAP is not correct, your placement will suffer. Come to this session to learn how to identify if your business has NAP issues.

Webinar 4: Be an Authority or Get Left Behind

Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern

Innkeepers need to take action NOW, as that the future of your placement in Google, and your bookings, depend on it. Why should you care? BECAUSE! Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, has said that “...The true cost of remaining anonymous … might be irrelevance!” If you want to continue to be seen, you can NO LONGER remain anonymous! You must set and build yourself up as an Authority in your own space. Come to this informative session to learn how to determine if your "Authority" is set up in Google.

Webinar 5: Responsive What? Mobile vs. Desktop

Date: Wednesday,October 23, 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern

We see it almost weekly. Innkeepers out there are choosing a Responsive Design without knowing Google's Guidelines on the topic. First of all, if you don't have a Mobile site, you needed one YESTERDAY! Google's recommended configuration for a Mobile site is a Responsive Design, but that means rebuilding your entire Desktop and Mobile site to be one (1) combined Responsive Design. Come to this session to understand exactly what a Responsive Design is. Also, if you already have a new Responsive Design, learn how to test it to see if Google is happy with your site's configuration, including tips on how to keep it scoring high. It's all about Speed and User Experience. Not all Responsive Designs out there are meeting this requirement, and they need to in order to achieve highest possible placement in Mobile Search today and into the future.

Webinar 6: Respect your Reputation!

Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 -- CLICK HERE to Register
Time: 9:00 Pacific, 10:00 Mountain, 11:00 Central, 12:00 Eastern

Online Reviews are only a symptom of your level of customer service. Do you know exactly how your guests feel about you and your Inn? Come to this session to learn about a new service offered by Mike Blumenthal, our esteemed Local "Go To" Guru. is a tool that allows you to first see if your guest is happy with your service, well before you even ask them for a review. This service will track your reviews, allow your guest to choose their preferred review company, post to your own site, and track your "Reputation" allowing you to head off Customer Service issues before a bad review is written. Join us to learn more about this product and what it can do for your business.

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