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Most Recent Google Changes (All Important for your Business!)

The Google I/O 2013 keynote presentation that was held yesterday is available via video [Click Here].  Included below are some of the topics discussed at this 3:51:25 presentation and other topics that have become important in the past few days.

As an Innkeeper, all these things are going to contribute to your Google standing in the coming months, and are important to be aware of so you can Take Action NOW!

#1: NEW Google Maps Layout

This new layout is not readily available.  So to learn more about maps at the moment, please read this Search Engine Land Article with snapshots of what's to come in the world of Google Maps.

You can request an invitation to be an early tester of these maps, so you can see first hand what is captured in the article above by …

a) Log into your Google account
b) You can request an invite by [Clicking Here]
c) Scroll to bottom and click on "REQUEST AN INVITE"

You can also see the NEW Map List results for your city and state by…

a) Go to Google Search
b) Search for your City   State    Bed and Breakfast
c) When you see the results copy &tbm=plcs and place it at the end of the URL
d) Click the ENTER button
e) You should see results similar to those below ...

New Maps Display

#2: NEW Google+ Dashboard

Yesterday, Google released a new dashboard for your Google+ information. It takes a bit of getting used to “all your recent data” being displayed on one screen. And if you really want to return to the old layout, you can find instructions at [Click Here].

New G+ Dashboard

#3: BIG Changes are in store for Google+ Reviews

Stars are In!  - - - - Zagat Score is going away.
Your users are going to review you in a different way in the future.  [Read More]

New Google+ Review Scores

Also, just as with the Maps Changes listed above, Google+ Review changes are not rolled out yet, but you can see them by following the steps below...

a) Log into your Google Account
b) Click on your "Face" in the upper right hand corner and switch to +"Your Business"
c) At the top of the screen click on ABOUT.  Notice you will still see a ZAGAT score, but only if you have at least 10 G+ Reviews.
d) When you see the results, copy ?hl=en&rfmt=s and place it at the end of the URL
e) You should see New Rating Results similar to those below...

New Google Reviews on About Screen

Some discoveries I am currently seeing on the NEW G+ (Google +) Review Results

1) You only need five (5) G+ Reviews now to get a Star rating.  Where as with the old system you needed ten (10) G+ Reviews to get a Zagat Score.
2) If you nave NO G+ Reviews the visitor is encouraged to be the "Be the first to review"
3) The new score is in large BRIGHT RED lettering with the stars lit up to match the score.
4) At the moment, in this test area, if you click the review link below the score, I don't see it going to the reviews page or jumping to the area further down on the About page where the reviews are listed.  I'm guessing it's just a temporary bug.
5) I do see management responses showing.

#4: Google Authority [Read Full Post]

Google is doing a better job of identifying people that are an "Authority" in their particular space.  If you don't have Author and Publisher Tags installed on your Website and Blog, and you aren't using Social Media and Blogging to provide quality content to help you establish your authority on a regular basis, YOU NEED TO BE!  Don't get left behind.  If Google is sharing this information it's a good bet they plan to continue to move in this direction.

#5: Latest from Matt Cutts (Google Spokesperson)

[Read More] about what’s in store in the near future regarding Penguin, Panda, Authority, Linking and more …

So,  what do Innkeepers need to do to prepare your business for these pending Google changes???

1) If you are experiencing any placement issues IE: your placement has fallen in the past few months, it's time to get help to figure out what is wrong.  Please read through these 2 blog posts, and call 877-226-7699 to request a SEPPIR report (Search Engine Placement Problem Identification Report)  There is no question, this report is the first step in identifying areas of your web presence that may NO LONGER be helpful in producing a positive Google presence.

Will Google Sink your SEO Battleship?
The Digital Baggage Dilemma

2) If you haven't already requested Author and Publisher Tags be added to your site and blog, it's past time to make the request. 719-329-0977 x1 or E-Mail

3) If your Google Local Business listing isn't in TIP TOP Shape, now is the time to get it updated.  You can DIY by joining Acorn University and learning how to Do-It-Yourself, or you can simply request consulting time for us to help you.

4) YOU MUST BE GAINING G+ Reviews.  In a natural addition to your other Reviews on other sites.

5) You need to be Blogging and be involved in quality Social Media sharing especially in G+.

If you haven't been continually working on your web presence over the past few years, either by paying a professional to do it for you, or participating in a DIY program such as Acorn University, it's well past time.  Google's changes are crazy fast.  And the only way to keep up is to actually do the work (or pay to have it done) to keep up.

2 thoughts on “Most Recent Google Changes (All Important for your Business!)

  1. I think the new scoring process is MORE fare, But I still don’t get the MAPS. Google wants us to put pins on the maps for other businesses, but how does that help us as B&B business owners?

    • Belinda, I’ve requested an invitation to have access to the new Google maps updates. Once I am able to get to see and use the new system, I’ll be better equip to answer the question as to how adding pins for other businesses benefits. But right off the top of my head, the more business data available for your surrounding area, the better for any business in that area.

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