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TripAdvisor Business Listings - New Features

tripadvisor logoTripAdvisor is one of the most recognized names in the travel industry. Here are some stats:
More than 60 million monthly visitors
32 million members
Over 100 million reviews and opinions
30 sites in 21 languages

Business owners are very familiar with TripAdvisor, and many already have taken advantage of the basic free management tools available on the site. If you haven't registered your business on TA yet, do that here:

TripAdvisor also offers paid Business Listings, which have many more options and tools for the lodging accommodation operator. Here is a brief list of these additional benefits:
1- Add 3 contact points to your listing, such as phone number, website URL and email address
2- Add "Special Offers" to your listing to highlight what you can offer guests and stand out from your competition.
3- A Property Dashboard that will allow you to see the analytics for your listing, as well as your competitor's data.
4- Your uploaded photos will be displayed in an attractive slideshow.
5- Add an "Announcement" to share news with former and potential guests.

The cost for the upgraded business listing is dependent on the number of rooms and business type. Check rates:

You can also add a new Mobile upgrade, which allows your special offers to be displayed on the TA mobile app.

More here:

Mobile Upgrade:

2 thoughts on “TripAdvisor Business Listings - New Features

  1. Why trip advisor don’t butter business for hotels which having own booking system online. I .e they simply can improve this lisiting when guest do check availabilty button to convert him to the hotel online booking system on the hotel web site than to the or Manay hotels don’t whish to be lisited on or any other booking sites and they do have own booking system. This will help clients to find the hotel direct booking and the hotels can pay to trip advisor per click. Other wise if the hotels not listed on the travel booking online sites then the system will show them other hotels which is incorrect information.
    The tripadvisor will improve business in doing such thing.

    • What on earth are you on about Charl?
      Why don’t you go pay for a business listing on tripadvisor, and see what happens! It does exactly – what I think you’re trying to say? – and enables you to put a direct link on your listing, just as the blog explained!

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