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Bugs and Bots, Part Two

After all of the tumult surrounding the Google bug that has hit Local as of last week, I am happy to report that I have found what seems to be a step you can take to restore your site's URL and phone number to the Places listing. You do need to have your Google Plus business page set up, and you may have to try a couple of times, but it's worth it if it restores your info.

This is IF you are seeing the result in which your site's URL is replaced with "", when you use a geo-locator phrase to search your listing.

Start by logging in to your Google account, then finding your listing in Google Local by searching for your geo-locator phrase, such as "St Ignatius MT bed and breakfast". You 'll see your listing like this:

Click the link that says "Google + page"

This will take you to the Google Plus Local page for your business. If you see a yellow box that says "Not what you expected? Some of your edits weren't accepted", as pictured below, you will need to take a few steps to fix your page. (In some situations, you may need to log into your actual Google + Business Page to make these changes)

First, click the blue button that says "Edit Profile", then click each section in the About tab (see below) to add the missing information, such as your URL, phone number or anything that may be missing.

Make sure to click the blue "Save" button after you enter your info. After the information is all there, click the white "Done editing" button that is up in the blue bar above your images.


Then, go back to Google and search again, to see if your listing is fixed and shows your URL. If it does, Congratulations! You are done! If it doesn't, when you click the "Google + page" link again, you will probably see something like this:

You will grind your teeth in frustration, but not too much, because I already warned you this might happen. Then, you will follow the same steps and re-enter the information and click the "Done Editing"  button and hopefully, you will happily see this:

Go back out to Google and re-check your listing. When I followed this process for Bear Spirit Lodge, the first time I checked, I saw this:

A few hours later, I checked again, and saw this:

Which is exactly what we want.

Here is a similar situation that required a different approach:

I hope taking these steps will help you in your fight to keep your listing live and well on Google Local.

Annie Buck
Acorn IS



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