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Google + for Business Now Available

Google has now released Google + (Google Plus) for business pages.

Start here:

Most Acorn customers will choose the "Local Business" designation. Make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Google + for business has several nice features:

Publish - similar to Facebook, you can share information via your stream content- let people know about specials, or what is happening in your area.

Hangouts- this is a very cool function which allows you to set up one-click video chat with your customers.It also incorporates Google Docs if you want to collaborate with a colleague- say for an associational meeting or a link exchange with another business.

Circles - circles will be available on Business pages as they are on personal Google +. You can split people into different circles- such as Employees, Customers, etc.

Google + Badge - this easy to get badge connects people directly to your Google + page from your website. Of course, you want to keep your Google + buttons so that people can recommend your website pages not only on Google + but as you may have noticed, in Google search itself:

Direct Connect is a feature that still seems to be in testing mode and is not yet widely available to all users. This is a search function which will allow users to enter '+' followed by the name of your page in Google search to get directly to your Google+ page.

Ripples - from Google: "Word travels fast online. Ripples let you see your posts spread across Google+, who’s sharing and resharing your content, and whose opinions matter. Use it to identify influencers and add them to a circle, or see how communities are formed around your content."

Social Analytics - Google Analytics social marketing suite.

Coming Soon: On-Page analytics for Plus 1 and Google + for pages, as well as API Integrations for developers.

Don't delay- follow the link above and get your business on Google +.

Annie Buck
Sales/Project Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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