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Trending - How does your Web Presence Stack Up?

I was watching last week’s “Whiteboard Friday” presented by SEOmoz and they mentioned a site that shares Trends on the following topics.

  • Browser
  • Brower Version
  • Mobile Browser *
  • Operating System
  • Mobile OS
  • Search Engine *
  • Mobile Search *
  • Mobile vs. Desktop *
  • Screen Resolution
  • Social Media
  • Digg vs. Reddit

You are also able to view the trends for the whole world, or select a specific country and set the time period of interest.

Here are a few of the results for the *various reports I ran that I thought would be beneficial for Innkeepers and Small Business Owners.  You may also go directly to  and run additional reports that you might be interested in.

Mobile vs. Desktop Users (USA)
Notice the upwards trend in Mobile Users

                     Last 12 Months    Last 6 Months    Last 3 Months
Desktop              93.27 %               92.43 %            91.94 %
Mobile Device      6.73 %                 7.57 %              8.06 %

Top Mobile Browsers (USA - Last 12 Months)

  • Android 39.66%
  • iPhone 25.23 %
  • BlackBerry 23.74 %
  • iPod Touch  10.93 %

    Mobile Searches (USA - Last 12 Months)

    • Google 95.46 %
    • Yahoo 3.12 %
    • Bing 1.19 %

    Do you have a Mobi Compliant Mobile Site? 

    Watch the video at
    You may want to consider building a Mobi Compliant site to support those using mobile devices...

    Do you Understand the Value of Local Listings? Watch the Video
    Local Listings are typically the results found in a Mobile Browser Search...

    All Search Engines (USA - Last 12 Months)

    • Google 80.48 %
    • Yahoo 9.31 %
    • Bing 8.48 %

    So, WHY should YOU be Interested in this Data? 
    Because you should be reviewing your Google Analytics at least once a month if not more, and this program provides you national and worldwide averages.  You can use these averages to compare to your site’s traffic.  Are you experiencing above, similar or below traffic for the same period (IE: last 12 months, 6 months, etc.) as others?

    If you do not know how to review your Google Analytics effectively, we’d like to suggest you join Acorn University.  We teach you how to Read and Understand your Google Analytics and so much more via live Webinars and recorded video. 

    Call 877-226-7699 for more information.

    Lisa Kolb
    President and Co-Founder
    Acorn Internet Services

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