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Educational Bytes .009 - How to Correctly Document Your Organic Placement

Did you know that Google tracks which sites you view on your PC when you are either logged into your Google Account, or when you don't clear your cookies?  That means the more you click a site in Google, the higher they'll place it in the organic results.  So you'll have artificially higher results as compared to those surfing the internet should you click your site multiple times in Google, or be logged into your Google Account.

There are ways to clear your cookies in both Firefox and IE.  This video will show you how to "Clean the Slate" and get accurate results when testing your different organic phrases.  These steps need to be taken before you update your Benchmark reports (hopefully on a monthly basis) if you've had your SEO done with Acorn IS.  Otherwise your organic placement results will not be accurate.

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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