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MS adCenter Pay Per Click Campaigns, Intell-a-Keeper Query Tags

Microsoft adCenter Query Tags to support Intell-a-Keeper tracking.

If you are an Acorn Intell-a-Keeper client, we want to mention that if you are
currently active with Yahoo/Search Marketing Pay Per Click and are in
the process of migrating your campaigns over to Microsoft adCenter, you
will want to make sure that a proper query tracking tag is added to each
of your keyword phrases.

Taking this step will insure that Intell-a-Keeper gives proper credit to MS adCenter for any bookings earned from those Pay Per Click ads. Here is the query tag we recommend you use:

If we can help you with this step, please contact Sharon Rowe ( with your MS adCenter login and we will take care of this for you. It should take us about 1 minute per keyword phrase, billable at $45/hour.

Sharon Rowe
Professional Client Services Manager
Acorn Internet Services

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