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YES! You can KNOW where your BOOKINGS are coming from with Intell-a-Keeper
In order to make accurate and qualified decisions about where your marketing dollars are being spent, it’s important to know your Web site traffic statistics, including the origin of your traffic. Tools like Google Analytics provide this information each month with a minimum amount of effort. But Google Analytics isn’t able to provide you accurate Booking data outside of their E-Commerce program, which only works if you have a Reservation System that supports E-Commerce Tracking. In order to supplement the much needed, but missing Booking data from Google, Acorn Internet Services has created a “Sister Product” called Intell-a-Keeper to gather up the data you cannot get from Google Analytics.

We have taken tracking your Bookings to the next level. Our hosting and non-hosting customers alike may now sign up for Intell-a-Keeper™. Intell-a-Keeper™ was created to bridge the gap between Google’s Tracking Data and your Booking data. This product allows the innkeeper to take the next step in gathering their Booking data: the specific information about where the customer found them on the Internet when they actually made the booking.

We’ve created a simple process whereby the innkeeper will be delivered an E-mail after each booking (whether the booking be made online through a reservation system, via E-mail, or by Phone*) which will report on the referring sources for that booking. That data will also be stored in your personal database along with all other referring sources that will allow you to easily generate helpful reports.

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