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Facebook Business Page Reservation Calendar Links, Intell-a-Keeper Tracking

Facebook Business Pages
How to add Intell-a-Keeper Redirect to your Reservation Calendar Link(s)

If you are an Acorn Intell-a-Keeper client, you will want to include an Intell-a-Keeper (IAK) redirect link on any Facebook Business Page Reservation Calendar Links you may have set up. This is handled the same way we set up redirects on your paid directory listings that have a book-now or check availability button which allows a guest to bypass your website and go directly to your third-party booking system. We want to make sure we credit bookings to your Facebook efforts!

(Option #1) DIY Add IAK Redirect Yourself

1. Login to your Facebook account
2. Under your picture on the left, click "Edit Page"
3. From your page index, find the page that has your Reserve Now or Availability or Calendar link feature (will have FBML next to the page name)
4. Click Edit below the page name
5. Review the script of the calendar link
6. Find this portion: "https://www.yourreservationsystemURL.....=home" target="_blank"
7. Paste between the first and second double quotes your IAK redirect code (which is - see Example below)

Real Life Example

  • First Find:


  • Second Update With:


(Option #2) Acorn Marketing will Add IAK Redirect For You

1.  Acorn Client Support Representative, Terri Plummer will go to your Facebook business page and "LIKE" your business page.
2.  She will let you know when that is completed, and advise you of her Facebook account email address.
3.  You will then set her up with Admin access on your Facebook account.
4.  Once that has been confirmed by Facebook (by E-Mail to her), she will proceed with steps 1-7 in Option #1 as noted above.

Cost:  $45/hour, should take less than 30 minutes to set up Admin, add redirect, and test.

Let us know how we can help you!

Sharon Rowe
Professional Client Services Manager
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry One Client at a Time! 

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