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Google Analytics Tracking and Social Media for Newsletters

Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP) has recently announced  a few very cool updates to their newsletter service.

If you have ever wondered whether you newsletter results in actual clicks to your site- and thence to bookings, wonder no more. YMLP now has Google Analytics integration. You simply sign in to your YMLP and GA accounts, then in YMLP under the Configuration tab, choose "Sending Newsletters", scroll down to Google Analytics Integration, then click the Enable Google Analytics tracking box, then add the domain you want to track, then click save. When you get ready to send a newsletter, you can check which links will be tagged and add a campaign name that will identify the e-mail in Google Analytics on the 'Preview' step of the 'Compose Newsletter' wizard.

The next time you send a newsletter, Tweet  or Facebook it immediately, then add a "Share Link" button. While in the newsletter editor, click the "Insert" drop-down and choose Social Share Button or Social Share Button (large). This will add a button which you can move around on the newsletter to where you like it. This will enable your newsletter readers to easily share your newsletter with their social media contacts.

If you don't use a newsletter yet to advertise, you may want to consider it in the future. Check our web site for more information about Acorn's Newsletter Services.

Annie Buck
Acorn Marketing

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