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Google Everything Sidebar Now Live

Google has now released "Everything". This is a new look to the Google we've all grown to know so well.

It's a handy side-bar, which gives all of your search options just to the left of your search:


This is a search for "Chester VT bed and breakfast". You can see the same results as always, but have the "Everything" sidebar to the left. I have the sidebar expanded to show all options. You can choose from maps, images, videos, news, shopping, books, blogs, updates, or discussions. Then under those, you can refine by time-frame, social, and even down to related searches, timeline and Wonder wheel.

A cool thing for our blogging innkeepers is that if someone searches for your geographic area and clicks blogs, you are likely to be found, like our friends from Inn Victoria:

As far as I can tell from various searches, this new sidebar has dome away with the "real-time' results that we saw debut last year, as we can now click our "news" tab for the latest information. The "social" button is an enigma, I can't seem to dig up any information about it, and no search I have tried thus far produces results. That may be something we will see in the future.

Try the new options in your Google search and see how you like it.

Annie Buck
Pre-Development Manager
Acorn Marketing

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