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Google Local Business Listings - What People Are Saying About...

In preparing for Acorn's recent Google Local Business Listing webinar, we discovered a new review feature that has been introduced by Google within your Google Local Business Listing called "What People are Saying About ...".

Google appears to be compiling third-party reviews from their trusted data providers into organized subjects/topics relevant to your industry/category supported by a visual graph bar.  There is a plus sign next to each category which allows the viewer to expand and see all of the reviews Google has selected to be included in this display.

Here is a sample of what we find when searching on Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, and clicking on the first LBL result for Brewster By The Sea's 167 reviews link:

In the example above, you can see this feature, along with what displays when we click on the plus sign next to "rooms".

Check out your Google Local Business Listing to become more familiar with this latest feature!

Sharon Rowe
Professional Client Services Manager
Acorn Marketing

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