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Yahoo! - Pay Per Click (PPC) vs Pay Per Inclusion (PPI)

Helping you keep it all straight, as per a question from an Acorn IS Client ...

Recently there was mis-information Tweeted about Yahoo! planning to terminate their Pay Per Click (PPC) program.

Do Not Panic.  This is not true.

In fact what may be ending soon is Yahoo's Pay Per Inclusion (PPI) Program which is very different and is discussed below.

Erroneous Tweet on 10/22/09 @insideoutweb
Yahoo is no longer going to be doing PPC after December 31st 2009.
This will leave just Google Adwords and Bing's system for doing PPC
5:11 PM Oct 22nd from HootSuite

Challenge Tweet on 10/23/09 @5_Ojo_Inn_BandB
You say Yahoo dropping PPC. Don't you mean Yahoo will no longer be doing Pay for Inclusion?
8:04 AM Oct 23rd from HootSuite in reply to insideoutweb

Clarification Tweet on 10/23/09 @insideoutweb
Yes this is what I mean, Yahoo will not be doing paid inclusion.
Bing might provide this service though, not sure.
11:29 PM Oct 23rd from HootSuite in reply to 5_Ojo_Inn_BandB 

What is Pay Per Inclusion? (PPI)

Yahoo! had a Pay Per Inclusion program running through their Search Submit product line.  In essence a business could pay a flat fee for the opportunity to attempt to achieve higher placement in the Yahoo! organic search directory / index. The flat fee to Yahoo! allowed your website to be placed in a program (Search Submit) that would  re-index your site on a more frequent basis.  There were different levels of buy-in and corresponding fees associated with this opportunity.  

Enter Microsoft.

There has been speculation that once Microsoft completed their acquisition of Yahoo!, the PPI program would fade into the sunset.  Particularly in light of the fact that Microsoft has its own search engine platform with Bing.  While there has been no official announcement from Yahoo! that PPI is in fact ending, we can anticipate more details in the coming weeks.


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