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Calling All Bloggers! Search Tools for Great Posting SEO

As bloggers, we sometimes wonder how we can optimize our blogs like we optimize our sites. Obviously, we want people to read our blog posts and find us easily when they are searching for specific queries on Google and other search engines. Here are three tools that many of our Acorn Customers are using:

KeyWord Discovery
Google Keyword Tool
Wordstream Tool

Note: You SHOULD ALWAYS use a tool such as those listed above when someone tells you to Google "XYZ Phrase" because they may be giving you a phrase that is a) not typed by the web surfing public, b) there is not enough data on the phrase to say if it's used, or c) it's a very little used phrase. Remember, it's easy to place any Web page or blog post high on not used or little used phrases. It's those phrases that attract lots of surfing traffic that are hard to get placement on! You don't want to be fooled, or waste time writing a blog post that isn't going to be seen, even if it does show up in 1st placement in Google, if no one is looking for what you are promoting, you aren't going to bring $$$ to your bottom line!

These are all free-of-charge tools that you can use to find out what people are typing and draw them to your blog. For example, if you are in Asheville, NC, you might search to see if anyone is typing "Asheville, NC Halloween Events". If you find through one of these tools that they are searching that phrase, you can write a blog post with that title, about Halloween Events in Asheville.

Another tool you can use is a new Google Offering, Wonder Wheel. We've tested the phrase from the example above "Halloween Events in Asheville" - Matt Cutts explains how to use this tool in the video below:

Annie Buck
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