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Tweets, Lies and Videotape - A retrospective on Social Media

The world of Social Media can be a very wonderful world to be a part of. It can help you connect with your friends, increase your business and allow you a platform to be heard as you have never been heard before. But as with everything, there is always a flip side.

There are those out there using Social media for less than ethical purposes. Blogs are posted, Tweets take wings, and information that is less than truthful makes it to the eyes of those watching. You must be diligent. Just because someone provides information online, you cannot assume it is accurate. Check it out. Click the reference link, take time to read the entire article or watch the full video and search out the truth.

I recently saw a signature line that read: Govern Yourselves Accordingly. I thought, WOW, I love that. If everyone would just Govern Themselves Accordingly, think of how much a better place our new Social World would be…

“Questioning is the door of knowledge”
- Irish Saying

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing

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