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SEO & Keyword Phrases (The Smart Innkeeper Marketing Video Series)

Welcome to the first installment of Acorn Internet Services The Smart Innkeeper Video Series (Previously the 5 Minute Marketing Video Series)

Today's Video Topic is SEO & Keyword Phrases which directly relates to an earlier blog post: New Web Designs - Are you getting the business you expected.

As the video points out, guests find you on the web based on the phrases that are built (crafted) into your web design.

If you have no phrases or repeated phrases on sub pages, phrases that no one types, or badly targeted phrases such as "casting too wide of a net" instead of concentrating on "regional and city" phrases first in order to get traffic to your site (but not necessarily buyers) you are NOT maximizing your opportunity to be seen for FREE in the organic search engines.

One additional comment about "casting too wide a net". I see many inns targeting state level phrases such as Texas Bed and Breakfast or Tennessee Bed and Breakfast in lieu of high placement on Regional, City and Niche phrases. If you are in a small sized state, this tactic is probably fine, but not in large states where it could take 12 hours to drive from one side to another.

So it is up to you to verify what you are being told by your SEO companies. Use a tool such as Keyword Discovery. See if the phrases you site is showing up on are indeed the phrases web surfers are typing!

And if you are provided a state level phrase you show high on to prove your SEO company did their job, that's fine, those listings will drive you "traffic". But you must make sure you aren't missing out on the more targeted regional phrases (which by the way; convert to bookings at a much higher rate than more global phrases).

Make sure to set your priorities correctly. And, remember to be careful not to lose any targeted traffic and bookings while you are out there "casting out a wider net".

Note: Want to see Full Screen? Click the "Square" Screen Icon on the YouTube Menu Bar.

Lisa Kolb
President and Co-Founder
Acorn Marketing
Educating our Industry One Innkeeper at a Time!

4 thoughts on “SEO & Keyword Phrases (The Smart Innkeeper Marketing Video Series)

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