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Google Local – Unclaimed Listings can Impact your Business

Before the 2009 Atlanta PAII conference, when I received the original list of attendees, I went through every single attending Inn and looked for them in Google Local.

Approximately ½ of these inns attending had not claimed their Google Local Business Listings.

Upon this discovery, I went to Jay Karen, PAII president, and strongly suggested that this be one of the utmost important topics that needed to be covered at the conference. Though I didn’t attend every single session, I have been told by attending Innkeepers, that this topic didn’t receive the importance that it should have at the conference.

Acorn attendees at PAII also made this topic our number 1 discussion point during the conference at both the Acorn Dinner, and at the 1-on-1 sessions to make sure Innkeepers were educated regarding the importance and severity of business impact that could be caused if a Local Listing was not claimed.

I can't stress this enough - IT'S THAT IMPORTANT.

We've been telling innkeepers how to claim their listings since 2007, and have mentioned this topic in practically every newsletter we've published since then.

In the past month, we’ve seen innkeeper’s Google Local Listings highjacked or closed down by other parties. If you read the article below, you will see why this topic was and continues to be so very important.

If you are unsure if you have already claimed your Google Local Business Listing, click here for instructions, or you may also contact us directly at 877-226-7699 to be assigned to a representative for assistance.

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