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Google Blogger vs. Word Press

Sometimes you just have to laugh. One of our customers provided me the E-Mail below. This customer has given me permission to reprint this, with the caveat that I remove their name and direct information from the E-mail, thus being known as "XYZ" customer.

Does anyone really believe that GOOGLE would purchase and provide a product (for over 10 years) such as Google Blogger and NOT index the results in THEIR OWN search engine? Google - who has over 70% of the Web surfing market share?

A Word of Advice: Beware of the motive behind the use of words such as "Only" or "Best". They feel very much like scare tactics and should be avoided.

When you see or hear absolutes stated such as the one below, we suggest you take a few moments to search out the truth.

Jeff Logan, Insideout Solutions, Innsideout Marketing
Aside from the obvious, if you still are looking for Proof that Google Blogger is an acceptable blog alternative to WordPress, we are happy to show you case after case where GOOGLE Blogger blogs, when configured as are INDEXED (usually within minutes), support the main web page count, and count as google incoming links.

Not to mention, IT'S FREE!

Click here to get the PROOF that Google Blogger SEO works great!

2 thoughts on “Google Blogger vs. Word Press

  1. This email is ridiculous! Even though I prefer and use WordPress there is absolutely nothing wrong with using blogger, or the collection of other options out there. From a developer viewpoint it is what you are most comfortable recommending and supporting for your clients. From a client viewpoint it is what you are most comfortable using.

    As developers we should all be spreading good information, not misinformation like this baloney!

    Thank you for exposing this!

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