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Leavenworth Washington Bed and Breakfast

Run of the River Inn and Refuge

"It is time consuming for a busy innkeeper to keep up with the changes in the internet, search engine and reservation tracking. We had a decision to make: try to keep up with that world as best we could (although never really feeling we were on the cutting edge) or turn to the pros and see what they offered. We chose the latter.

At PAII Disney, we met with the Acorn folks and what they presented made a lot of sense. Not only should we be reservation tracking what paid bed and breakfast directories, PPC and organic placement sends business to us, we should enhance the our page as much as possible to get the best organic search engine placement possible.

This isn't free of course, but the investment pays off. The folks at Acorn are pros and will let you know just how much they will be able to assist you prior to your signing up.

Once their efforts are in place you can track their progress easily on your own. They show you how!

As a business we were unwilling to sit on the sidelines with the internet/search world swooshing by. Acorn is the bridge that brings our business up to speed without investing the time to master this on our own. These are dollars well spent as long as you have a great web site and an inn worth going to. Those guests you attract and track will be back again and again."

Monty and Karen, Innkeepers
Run of the River Inn and Refuge
Leavenworth WA Bed and Breakfast

Note from Acorn on Organic Placement:

Monty and Karen's web site places number 1 as the first independent inn for their top Leavenworth Phrases. Look and see. "Leavenworth Washington Bed and Breakfast" is their number 1 phrase. IE: It's the most used phrase for their town used by web surfers. Run of the River is the first independent organic inn listing directly after the top directory / group sites in Google and Yahoo.

TIP: Group and directory sites carry alot of weight with search engines (they are typically large with many pages, and have many properties to choose from with much good data) so typically, it's difficult for an individual property to rise above them in organic placement. So remember - if you can't beat the big boys - JOIN THEM!

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