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Acorn University (Advantage Plan Level 2 and Above)

- WordPress Blogging 101
If you have put off blogging because you didn't know where to start with your WordPress site, OR it's been a while and you'd like a refresher, this webinar is for you! This session will cover how to publish a blog post in WordPress, add SEO (title, description and internal linking), and add an image with alt text to the header or within the post. Attend this class to find that you might actually enjoy blogging after all!

- WordPress Blogging 102
This session will cover how to write a blog by developing topics, making up a posting calendar (you can use the Acorn Posting Planner for that, as well), writing and SEO for posts.

For access, log into the Acorn Client Dashboard and choose the Acorn University tab. Links and passwords for Acorn U classes are updated on that page.

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