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We work in our clients’ best interest when working with any third-party product vendor, including but not limited to Google, Bing, Mailchimp, YMLP, Fastmail, etc. We are committed to responding to your requests in a timely manner (within 72 business hours) to initiate actions on any given program involving a third-party product vendor.

However, we cannot guarantee how or when a third-party product vendor will adhere to our directives. If we are processing a request from you to initiate or deactivate a third-party vendor service, including but not limited to a request to deactivate or pause any terms or campaigns within Google, etc., and those deactivation/pause directives are not affected after we have taken the necessary steps known to us, then you as the Acorn Marketing client will remain financially responsible to the third-party account relationship, and for any additional Acorn time required to re-contact the third-party vendor for follow-up and additional directives until such time as the directive has been fulfilled by the third-party vendor.

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