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Collage of the Acorn Marketing team attending the 2023 ALP Conference in Phoenix

Acorn Marketing is Heading to the Desert Next Week!

Our Acorn Travel Team is getting ready to hit the road to meet lodging professionals at the ALP Conference and Marketplace in sunny Phoenix! We'll be there for each day, from the Aspiring to the New to the Main conferences, as well as in force at the Website Performance Workshop on Sunday, February 26.

Make sure to check out the sessions we are teaching and panels we're sitting on each day:

Aspiring Lodging Professionals Conference - Saturday, February 25

10:45 AM: Lisa Kolb - The Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

1:45 PM: Lisa Kolb - ADA: Pitfalls to Avoid & Best Practices

New Lodging Professionals Conference - Sunday, February 26

10:30 AM: Lisa Kolb - Introduction to Google Travel vs SEO Search and How It Impacts the Way You Market Your Property

10:30 AM: Annie Buck - Creating a Smooth Transition of the Property’s “Intellectual” Assets Between the Buyer and the Seller

12:00 - 5:00 PM - Lisa Kolb, Mark Kolb, Joshua Kolb, Will McQueen, Mark Hall, Annie Buck  - Website Performance Workshop

Main Conference - Monday, February 27

4:00 PM - Lisa Kolb - A Conversation About Artificial Intelligence – What is AI & Why it Matters

Main Conference - Tuesday, February 28

8:00 AM - Lisa Kolb  - Google Search vs. Google Travel and How it Impacts the Way You Market Your Property – Intermediate/Advanced Level

9:15 AM - Acorn Marketing – Sponsor Spotlight Session

Main Conference - Wednesday, March 1

9:00 AM - Lisa Kolb - Maximize Your Use of GA4

3:15 PM - Will McQueen - Smart Tech for Your Guests

4:00 PM - Annie Buck - Using Meta Suite Like a Boss

And of course, we will be in our booth at the Marketplace each day of the main conference - make sure you stop by to hi and see how Acorn Marketing can help you succeed in the independent lodging business in 2023 and beyond!

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