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B&Bs for Vets 2021 - Properties Needed!

B&Bs for Vets - properties needed on wooden background with flag of USA

B&Bs for Vets is hoping for an incredible innkeeper response for Veteran's Day 2021! The thirteen-year old program offers free room nights to Armed Services veterans. Some innkeepers offer more than one free room, or other discounts along with the free night. The main requirement is to offer a minimum of one room for one night and totally free. The Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP) will manage, coordinate and publicize the B&Bs for Vets program, and would love to have as many innkeepers participate nationwide as possible this year, offering your free night on Wednesday, November 10, or Thursday, November 11.

If you offer a year-round discount to veterans (in addition to the free night), that can also be listed on B&Bs for Vets.

Here are the details for innkeepers:

All innkeepers/legal lodging property owners are invited to participate in the  B&Bs for Vets program by offering a minimum of one room for one night and totally free to veterans and active military. Innkeepers/Lodging Professionals do not need to be members of ALP to participate as the program is open to all legal lodging operations whose property has commercial insurance, the required licenses/permits, and pays the applicable taxes. Many innkeepers will offer more than one room which is appreciated.

Additional information:
1. If you wish to offer more than one free room for one night, we encourage that! If you’d like to offer one free room and then a few more at a BOGO or specially discounted rate, that’s fine, as long as the one free room is honored.

2. Let us know when your rooms are booked and we will indicate this on your listing.

3. Strongly suggest you require a credit card when the veteran reserves and then inform them that all cancellation policies apply to free rooms and their card will be charged if they don’t abide by the policy.

4. Keep a waiting list.

5. Contact the veteran a few weeks in advance and confirm the reservation.

6. Acceptable Forms of identification are:
– Valid Military ID
– Veterans Administration ID
– Form DD-214 reflecting an honorable discharge

7. Please click here to list your property.*
Listings will be posted within 48 hours M-F (Listings listed over the weekend will be listed by the following Tuesday). Please see for examples of listings.

*Please make sure ALL of the information requested is filled out
*Incomplete listings will not be listed
*Listings emailed to us without filling out the form will not be listed
*Property has commercial insurance, the required licenses/permits, and pays the applicable taxes.

If you have questions, please contact the program directly at​.

In its hey-day, this program generated more hits than all other directories combined. In 2010, more than 900 inns participated! It's a great way to honor our Armed Services, while also getting a great link and exposure for your business!

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