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New 2020 Expedia Agreements further constrain Direct Bookings

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If you have signed up with Expedia on or after 1/1/2020 you should know the language has been re-written as compared to the language in previous Expedia contracts which appear to constrain your ability to sell your rooms direct.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is not intended and should not be taken as legal advice. You should contact an attorney for advice regarding any questions you have regarding your Expedia contract.




The New Agreement states:
This Agreement contains the terms and conditions on which Expedia may make rooms provided by you under this Agreement available for booking by guests through the Expedia System.


The Old Contract states: This Expedia Traveler Preference Contract … contains the terms and conditions on which Expedia may make Rate Plans provide hereunder available for booking by guests through the Expedia System.




Fenced Booking means a booking of a room by a guest through the Expedia System that is made by the same guest who also has booked or books another lodging component or car-hire, airfare, rail ticket or other non-lodging component ...

Not much appears to have changed regarding Fenced Bookings.

The New Agreement states:
1) You may discontinue participation in Opaque Bookings by providing 10 days written notice to Expedia.
2) … you may discontinue participation in Standalone Fenced Bookings or rate matching under this Section by option out as provided in Expedia Partner Central.

The Old Contract states:
1) You may discontinue participation in Opaque Bookings by providing ten (10) days written notice to Expedia.
2) You may discontinue participation in Standalone Fenced Bookings by opting out in the manner provided through Expedia Partner Central.




The Old Contract included XX# of rooms that were defined as Base Rooms.  The New Agreement has removed all references to the Base Room language.  It states that you will always make all unbooked rooms available for display on, and booking through the Expedia System.

The Old Contract had a section included similar to: The Property will set aside at least 0 base rooms (the "Base Rooms") per the stay date that will be available for display and bookings through Expedia's system.

Expedia Contract Rooms snapshot


The Old Contract and the New Agreement language is very similar, except for the fact that this now applies to all rooms in your inventory, as the Base Room language has been removed. In addition, the language has changed regarding Expedia setting pricing for selling your rooms.

The New Agreement states: …You agree that Expedia will determine the total price of any Booking at its sole discretion.
The Old Contract states: …You acknowledge that Expedia will determine the total price of any Package Booking at its sole discretion.

Also, notice the clarification on “Best Available Rate” definition section.

Definition: Best Available Rate means for each room night booked by a guest through the Expedia System, the lowest restricted or unrestricted price (as applicable), not including Taxes, or other government-imposed fees or surcharges or Hotel Fees, at which such room night was offered by you through any booking channels, including your own and those of any third-party, on the date such room night was booked, including, without limitation, any special, discount, and/or promotional rates.

Expedia Contract Rate snapshot


The New Agreement has added language about how you may, and may not, communicate with your Expedia guest.

The New Agreement states: Additionally, your communications with guests regarding Bookings will not disparage Expedia or state that Expedia bookings are not entitled to the same benefits, amenities and services as bookings through your own channels.

Expedia Contract Experience snapshot


The New Agreement has updated language regarding any Expedia guest cancellations.

The New Agreement states: … Expedia will be entitled to the Compensation for each room night of such booking unless you notify Expedia of the no-show or cancellation as specified in Expedia Partner Central

The Old Contract states: … Expedia is entitled to the Compensation Percentage of any penalty amounts charged to the guests for no-shows, cancellations or similar booking modifications.

Expedia Contract Cancellation snapshot


The time to reimburse has changed from 30 days to 14 days.

Expedia Contract Complaint snapshot


The language has changed slightly in the section regarding Discounts and Offers. The portion in YELLOW has been removed in the new agreement. At your request and upon reasonable notice, Expedia will meet with you to discuss any such offers and Your participation in them.

Expedia Contract Discount snapshot


The language has changed slightly in the section regarding your use of a 3rd party tool to feed your inventory to Expedia. Your use of your own or a third-party tool to interface with Expedia Partner Central does not modify your obligations under this Agreement.

Expedia Contract Partner Central snapshot

As you can see, Expedia is buttoning down their agreement regarding your ability to sell your rooms directly. If you’ve been following your ALP (Association of Lodging Professionals -- the new organization combining PAII and AIHP) e-news, you would have seen comments on the Expedia changes and how they are affecting Innkeepers in our industry.

ALP is also aware of this new 2020 agreement and the ramifications for Innkeepers who wish to sell direct.



If you are an Acorn client, and you have signed a new Expedia contract as of January 1, 2020, please tell us so we can document this in your files. When you email, please include the best number to reach you at, and the date you signed the contract.

  • PAYG (Pay as you Go) clients please email
  • Level 1 & 2 Advantage Plan Clients email
  • Level 3 & 4 Advantage Plan Clients email your assigned marketing project manager




This blog post is just an overview of the items we have identified that have changed that put Innkeepers using Expedia at more of a disadvantage when selling your rooms direct. It by no means is a comprehensive review of the new 2020 Expedia contracts.

Innkeepers need to read and interpret their own contracts, and if they are having issues understanding what they can and cannot do as per their specific contract, they should reach out to their legal counsel for assistance.



10 thoughts on “New 2020 Expedia Agreements further constrain Direct Bookings

    • Hi Leesa,
      It’s always a good idea to make sure you know exactly what your contract states. It would be worthwhile to make sure that the contract you originally signed doesn’t make some provision for future contract changes.

  1. Can Expedia’s price scrapper bots be blocked and prevented from getting to our direct pricing data? I love my reservation system but I’m tired of the bullying from Expedia. It may be time to stop using them altogether with this latest monopoly of tactics. I suggested to ThinkReservations they use a captcha statement….check box to indicate they are human on the reservations page but haven’t heard back. I see you have one on this page. Wondered how well it works.

    • Hi Grace, OTAs do not scrape your room data. If Expedia is getting your pricing/availability, you have already signed a contract to allow that, and they are getting your pricing from your booking company or channel manager. To have the OTAs discontinue the use of your data would mean you would have to stop using them.

  2. Thank you for posting this! Earlier this year, we reached out to Expedia to change our model from Expedia Collect to Hotel Collect. The HC model allows properties to collect more guest data including credit card details and to reject bookings if necessary. We were promptly sent the new contract which we refused to sign for obvious reasons described in your article. Expedia seems to think that they can dictate partner properties their unfair terms. Our next step is to remove our property from their system and to have them cease and desist from using our name in advertising (bidding on our name in Google Ads, etc.) It’ll be an interesting year.

  3. Thank you for all the work you do on this subject. Not sure if I will continue with Expedia, but for now, I have not given them any inventory. ThinkReservations seems to handle this for me quite nicely and as a small inn, I ignore the OTAs overbearing rules.. I would like to share that I use Hotel Collect for the very reason that Expedia constantly makes errors on invoices and I control their payments. Try getting the giant to give you back $$. It’s a pain but worth the effort.

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