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We Need Your Help! Sign the Petition for Congressional House Committee Hearing by 11-01-2019!

Acorn, in cooperation with AIHP and PAII, are distributing a petition for innkeepers. The petition is going to be presented to the United States House of Representatives Small Business Committee during testimony by Allyson Cavaretta on November 14, 2019. You can read more about that here:

Congressional House Committee Representation – Investigating Big Tech’s Impact on Small Business

The purpose of this petition and testimony is to help innkeepers and small hoteliers keep the revenue from the sale of their own rooms, rather than give it away to OTAs, who, with their billions of dollars in ad budgets, simply can't be outbid by small business people. Please sign this simple petition which only asks for your inn name, your name, city, state and optional comments - and spread the word by sharing this post with fellow innkeepers. The information needs to be collected by November 1, 2019, please don't wait!

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