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2018 PAII Industry Partner Award presented to Acorn Marketing at the Las Vegas Conference

Triangle Crystal 2019 PAII education award

PAII Industry Partner Award 2018
Presented to Lisa Kolb, Acorn Marketing

Inscription: In recognition and appreciation of your passion for educating innkeepers and being a tireless advocate for the innkeeping industry.

"We are honored to be recognized as the educational leaders in our industry."

Acorn Marketing has been providing education to both their clients, and the industry as a whole, for over a decade, through webinars and conference sessions.

We are also proud to be a founding partner in the movement.  This is just one more way we want to support and guide our industry in reclaiming bookings that are now being made via Google and the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) commission services.

We truly believe that the key to any innkeepers success is through education.  And the key to success is knowledge.

Thank you PAII again for choosing Acorn Marketing for this award.

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