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WordPress Forms & GDPR

Privac form on a tablet computer, with the initials GDPR over it in red text As many of you already know, change is on the horizon in light of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the EU’s new data privacy regulations, which took effect May 25, 2018.

Just because GDPR pertains to the EU does not mean it won’t affect the rest of the world. Quite the contrary. The reach and applicability of the GDPR affects any website/organization that handles the personal data of any EU citizen. This also means that any WordPress website must also comply with the GDPR, no matter where in the world the servers or administrators are physically located, as long as it is allowing traffic and collecting information from EU citizens.

Since WordPress websites are affected by GDPR, you should make sure that any Forms you’re using to collect information are also compliant. If you’re collecting any personally identifiable information whatsoever, then GDPR compliance is very important.

Currently, WordPress forms are not GDPR compliant because there is nothing in place to protect the data being collected. For example, if hackers gained access to a WordPress website, then they could potentially access the personal data that the forms collect and store in the WordPress system.

In light of this, we recommend replacing any Forms you have on your website with Google Forms since Google claims their products are GDPR compliant. (This applies to both WordPress and non-WordPress websites.)

Click here to submit a Support Request to convert any Forms on your Website to Google Forms.

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